The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS








This is a monster of a book.  180 pages and 600 photos!
It covers the history of GASS from the very start in 1982, right up to October 2014.

The GASS members all have copies of the beautiful large-format, glossy paper, coffee-table style hardback version.

If anyone else would like a copy then you don't have to go quite as far as shelling out 95.

There is a PDF version for computers, and it comes up beautifully on your screen.

There is also an e-book version (for ipads and macs).


Here is a sample of the book.

Do have a look - and if you want to buy a copy use the shopping trolley logo on the screen below.

That will take you direct to the book on the publishers website at BLURB, go to the UK site when it prompts you.
(alternatively, go direct to, click on Bookshop, then 'Recently Published', then search for the book by name)

The e-book and PDF versions are just 10 each.

For some odd reason the preview below does not open up on an ipad, only a computer
To open a sample on an ipad use this link
The GENTLEMEN'S ALE SAMPLING SOCIETY 30 Year Book by Brian Henslow


To get a good look at the book click on the icon next to the Blurb logo  (bottom right), it expands the screen to full size. 
If you want to move around the book click on the icon dead centre on the bottom of the enlarged screen and it will show you thumbnails of the whole book. 
I have deliberately made the whole book available for preview so that you can see everything for a bit of fun.
 However, if you want your own copy in an easy to use format I can recommend you buy the PDF at 10, it renders very well on a computer screen.
 It also means that you can print off any photos you might want as well.



The Guys in GASS hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed living it.

Please pass on the fact the book exists to any ex-members you come across.