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AGM 2016  -  VILNIUS



First off it was an odd choice of choices and went down to a close vote.

Aya Napa or Vilnius?

Results of the AGM vote - work it out for yourself!







It was an age related split - and the final result was 10-7 for Vilnius


The was a genuine fear (even among some who voted for Aya Napa)  that Aya Napa was a just too young and too far downmarket, especially after Benidorm last year.

More members would have voted for Cyprus - but needed the reassurance of a slightly more upmarket resort.


VILNIUS turned out to be a nice place, about as nice as Middlesbrough, or Doncaster, or Droitwich, just nice in a nice sort of way, but not exactly lively.

No matter - as always, we made our own entertainment.

The first entertainment was for several GASS members to revolt at the flight times. 

The newly formed 'Double Four Club',  a sub section of GASS formed in tribute to the 'Double Six Club' (a sub section of a local geriatric establishment),

felt it was nicer to arrive at lunchtime rather than bedtime, and leave after breakfast rather than at bedtime. 

So they were the lucky few to find out what Droitwich is like on a Thursday.  Quiet is what.

On the bright side the Hotel Amberton was central, modern and pleasant, some would say - quite nice.


FRIDAY - SEGWAY at 13.45-15.45
SUNDAY - SHOOTING RANGE at 13.45-16.30

You can see our programme - quite lively I am sure you will agree.  Not as lively as some years, but then you try and find things to do in Droitwich.


As ever the pictures tell a far better story than I ever could.


Starting with our Segway Tour....




All around the town - without mishap.



OK, not entirely without mishap!  Note there is not even a Segway in this picture below.

Wayne's Segway was so embarrassed when he fell off it simply pissed off and left him.




Which is not that dissimilar to these bastards below.

They also pissed off and left Wayne with a massive bill at the bar.

Tony, Phil, Hugh, Gary, Ian, John, Andy, Owen.

Is there not a gentleman among you?



The bloke at the back in this picture on the bridge is obviously Wayne again.



Wayne?  Wayne?  What is it mate, keep up!!!!




Moving on to our fine AGM dinner in a lovely restaurant in a (luckily) private room. 




Spoilt only by the crap cabaret!!!



Andy, stop it!  The smell of your burning chest hair is enough to put anyone off.

Who on earth are you trying to impress anyway?

Saturday night in Droitwich - The fun just never stops!!



Luckily Sunday held the promise of the smell of a different smoke - gunsmoke.





And unlike in the restaurant where there were 16 people who had to leave the room as a result of Andy's arsonism.

This time just JB left the range because he can't stand the smell of cordite - He doesn't like it up him Captain Mannering!

That did not stop a group of members showing what they would do to John if he came back in.





We all then had a lovely half hour listening avidly to Hugh's jokes.




Hugh then performed a cunning stunt on T.V to show that at least a small excitable man found him funny.







As I know nobody reads down this far I will keep it brief.

For the record -


1.  ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  Non Executive Chairman - John Brice, Chief Executive Officer - Brian Henslow, Financial Officer - Ron Price


2.  The post of Fines Officer has been disbanded through lack of interest.  It was funny once.


3.  NEW MEMBER POLICY - The cost of joining GASS is now a non-refundable 250. 

Anyone may come along as a guest (as long as there is room at a meeting).  No limit on how often they come.  Remember to pay the Guest Fee please.

If someone wants to join they let their sponsor know, he tells all the guys at a meeting,  and then the applicant must attend at least three meetings and chat to everyone before being proposed and seconded.

The absolute upper limit on members remains at 25.  We currently number 21.  We are not in any hurry to recruit as our regular almost full attendance means we don't need to.



The length of time GASS has been going means a lot of members missed some great ideas and places.  We can start to revisit successful meetings.



GASS BARE KNUCKLE BOXING - At Wayne's gym (with gloves over the bare knuckles)

BANGER RACING - Len to speak to Terry Russell.

DARTS CLUB IN LONDON - Nick to investigate.

BIG CAT SANCTUARY HEADCORN  - Ian to investigate with Tanith.



6.  AGM 2017 -

There was a groundswell of support for returning to PUERTO BANUS.


7.  FINANCIAL REPORT -  Amazingly we started the year with 5,636 and ended it with 7,329, having not paid any 20 subsidies BUT having had a cracking year.

Nobody said it at the time - so as I am writing this drivel I will say it - well done Brian!  Bloody good organisation!!  Thank you everyone, that was very kind of you to say so.

That means that fees remain at 40.  It goes without saying no sliding back into sneakily ordering expensive wines, liqueur coffee, sherry, and absolutely NO cheese.


It also goes without saying that everyone MUST pay their fees monthly . 

Whoops - Apparently that is not happening - so would those that don't want to pay their fees monthly bloody well pay up a year IN ADVANCE as is the rule. 

There was a deficit of 650 in fees in the accounts from current members that Ron had to explain - hopefully now sorted.


It also goes without saying that when you bring a guest - please walk straight up to Ron or Brian and volunteer the guest fee.









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