The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS







Location:  The Hotel SALIVA

Entertainment:  Shooting Guns and bouncing around in Tanks


Seventeen members made the cut.  Apologies from Don & Keith on holidays, Ray and Stuart working too hard, and at the last, last minute poor Neil cried off claiming 'work issues'.  We missed you all!

The BRNO AGM was a three nighter, lunchtime flight from Stansted on Friday, meeting for daytime entertainment at 1.00pm each day, nice late afternoon return flight on Monday.  Perfect timings throughout!  It gave everyone lashings of time for a decent kip every night, plenty of time to meet in the square for a long leisurely (beery) brunch each day, and everyone was fit and in the right frame of mind for the afternoon entertainment and the evenings eating and drinking.

On the way out we have a trouble free flight and booked into the very central and very nice Hotel SALIVA.  Then straight out to the AGM location where we had a lovely five course meal in superb surroundings.  The added attraction was that beers were about a 1 a pint and food was similarly priced, so everyone was relaxed as you can see below...

The AGM was the normal bun fight and hullabaloo but basically we decided something along the following lines:

1.  Al Ranger is the new Chairman.  Another first for GASS, last year we had Chicken George, this we have Alana, our very first cross-dressing chairthingmy.

2.  Nobody even bothered to re-elect Len (and his alter ego Ann) to the post of Treasurer, they just laughed at him.  Ron did get perilously close to getting the job but missed out in the face of Len's obvious stranglehold on the cash.  Equally nobody even bothered to attempt to wrestle the fantastically enjoyable job of Secretary from Brian, goodness knows why as it is such a bundle of fun.  Why would you not want the job that approximates to trying to herd cats, get blood out stones, please everyone all of the time, and generally be blamed for everything that goes wrong, beats me!

3.  MEETINGS:  The usual plea was made for those lazy arses who have never sorted a meeting to get their finger out.  Quite a lot of good came out of it over the next couple of days.  J.B is investigating Smiling, Bat & Trap and Bell ringing.  Nick is on the Castle Club for a 'Cook it ourselves Dinner', Gary has sorted SWANK for November, someone mentioned VICTORIA'S Cabaret Bar in Harrietsham for Christmas and that is sorted, other ideas were GO KARTS, ZORBING, FENCING (as in with swords).

The issue of AWAYDAYS was discussed and the feeling was that one or two a year were what the members wanted.  One full day trip and the occasional early start should surely be possible to fit into everyone's work commitments.  Otherwise the scope for having different types of meetings can become too constrained.

The issue of the physical aspects of some meetings was discussed as only 10 turned out for Go-Ape (because members are not as fit as they used to be??).  The response was broadly neutral, so some physical meetings will continue to crop up as and when they are suggested. 

FOOD at meetings was discussed and it was agreed that pub do's should contain more buffets instead of sit-downs, to allow more freedom to circulate and chat.

4.  AGM 2009:  The ideas that came to the fore were VALENCIA, NORTH AFRICA (Tunisia, Tangiers?) and CRUISING in the Med.  Keep thinking and check out any suggestions.

5.  ACCOUNTS:  The accounts showed GASS with around 4200 at the years end, after a particularly expensive 25th year.  The agreed reduction in spend on the AGM meant that we are on track for 2009 and that no increase in fees would be needed until probably 2010.  Now if you look at the list of meetings we have held over the past three years and related that back to a monthly fee of 40, I hope everyone would agree that GASS represents extraordinary value for money!


Just a few snaps to remind us all of the AGM, showing the new chairman and his bodyguards.



6.  EX MEMBERS:  The meeting wanted to offer a vote of thanks and support to one of our ex-members for adding a whole new category to our illustrious list of ex-members achievements.  We can now add to Murderer, Bankrupt, Fraudster, Con-men, Weirdo, Pimp, Embezzler, Fake Doctor, the totally new category of ARMS NUT......

The article is correct - except in these minor points -  that it was two tons, not four (although arguing between two TONS and four seems picky I know, we must surely agee that all agree a whole TON of the poxy stuff is, in itself, quite a lump!).  However, moving on........... he escaped jail because the police were over-zealous, not due to his ill health. There was no flipping jury, he pleaded guilty.  He had a 120 year old rusty broken derringer and the breech block for another old weapon, no 'automatic', in fact no actual guns at all.  The amount of explosives would have burnt a hole in his kitchen table, not blown up the street - but why let facts stand in the way of a good story.  Well done Mike!


Anyway, back to the AGM.......................

The following day we had the opportunity to wander round BRNO and see the town, nice place, great weather (after rain, rain, rain in the UK). 





We also had the opportunity to attend the range and play with tanks.  The range was excellent, a great museum and lovely guns,

congratulations to Gary on a well-spent youth as he came out the champ.  The Tanks were fun too, but very dusty, thank God the beer flowed!








We also managed to find one of the best bars in Brno -  they have beer taps on the tables and you help yourself.

Now that is what we call a great idea!





And so having drunk ourselves into a stupor in a pointless beer race we had the problem of how to leave a very long,

very crowded bar, without looking like a load of prats.  No-one is sure who came up with the idea but fortunately there was a video camera on hand.


Enjoy our departure as much as we did - and sorry the cameraman did not realise that you have to hold the camera upright!



Makes you proud to be British!



Well, that is it for another year!  A great trip and well done to everyone.

No-one was late, no-one got lost, nobody argued, and only Nick forgot anything.

At various times he lost his jacket, phone, money and boarding card - and those are the ones we knew about.

That would have been fine - but take a look at the lining of his coat!!!!!!!!!!

That alone deserved the annual award for being a twat.