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The Roffen Suite  -  Tuesday 7 Oct


By Professor Robert Styles



(and the great OppoSuits try-on)



The how's, why's and wherefores of the famous Punch & Judy tradition told to us by Professor Robert styles.

We saw Robert set the show up, as he explained the history and the performance.





The stars of the show duly appeared, Mr Punch, Judy, Baby, The Policeman, The Crocodile, and even a Hooker.

They proceeded to knock seven bells out of each other and the kids were soon in floods of laughter, no really, it was amazingly funny.

Many thanks to Robert for a unique evening and great entertainment.


The next entertainment we provided ourselves.

The plan was to try on our 'OppoSuits' in readiness for the Christmas meeting.

I am not sure whether it was the OppoSuits or Punch & Judy that got one of our rare 100% turnouts or not but everyone was on parade, all 22 of us.

In no time the room was a flurry of pants, ties, jackets and trousers of many, many colours.



We had a couple of star struck posers to deal with first




Then we got a couple of decent group shots



How good are these photos? - how weird do we look?



And finally we sat down to a slap up nosh - Roffen Club style!



The whole point of dressing up as we did was to provide us with the final photos for the GASS 32 year book and these definitely did the trick.

Full details of the book, which will be published soon, will be on the website as soon as it is out.

Every single GASS member bought a book at 75 a copy (it is 180 pages and 700 photos you know).




We are honoured to have been approached by Wayne Rodriguez, a friend of Brian's, and Wayne would like to join GASS.

As we recently agreed our absolute upper limit is 25 and Wayne would take us to 23.  Brian proposed and Gary seconded.

After the customary few days grace for any member who wished to do so to object - I am please to say there were no objections.

We therefore welcome Wayne as our 23rd member.

Now we need another suit!




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