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Tuesday 2nd October

Venue - Roffen Club


Visit by 'Polar' and famous explorer and motivational speaker (and mate of Brian's) - Jason De Cartret


Jason and Brian worked together in Operation Raleigh many years ago and Jason has gone on to become a world famous explorer and speaker.

(Brian on the other hand has remained a useless waste of space and gone no further at all)

In December 2011 extreme adventurer Jason went to Antarctica to break the World Record for making the fastest journey from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole a journey of around 1,000 miles.  The team shattered the old record of two days 21 hours and 21 minutes (which by the way was Jason's own record, I mean how crazy is that??) with a new record of one day 15 hours and 54 minutes - slightly faster than  Tucker Sno-Cats used on the 1955-58 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (and DO check out that link and see their vehicles) led by Dr Vivian Fuchs and Sir Edmund Hillary.  The clue to their timings is the term 1955-1958!  May I just repeat - our man did it in one day 15 hours 54 minutes.  Jason achieved this World Record in his specially designed truck POLAR.

Jason brought POLAR down, showed us around the car, and over dinner in the restaurant he will told us all about his experiences.


Jason showed us a short video and some photos to back up the chat.

There used to be a link here to a Discovery Channel video on YouTube, but they forced it to be taken down, sadly.


As you can see from Jason's biog below - he had a lot to talk about!!
(and note he is in the 1000-3000 price band so once he has spoken we are totally broke!!!!!!!!  Thank goodness he has extremely kindly agreed to do it for friendship, old times sake, food, booze and introductions to any passing single birds!)



Many thanks to Jason DeCartret for kindly coming down and talking to GASS and not charging us a penny, damn decent!

Good luck on your next amazing undertaking!!!!