The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS









Followed by Dinner at Gravesend's best Indian Restaurant - Cafe Taj



The much heralded visit to the enormous Sikh Temple in Gravesend was a great success.



We were privileged to have private guided tour with the temple Architect, Mr Teja Singh Biring

Stonemasons from India have been working for two years on the temple which has been clad inside and out with granite and marble, at a cost of 13m.
The roof now boasts five elaborate domes and a wealth of beautiful carvings, carpets, flooring and chandeliers, all purpose built to Mr Biring's designs.
The building can house 1,200 worshippers, and has educational facilities, a lecture theatre, computer room and library.
It will also has meeting halls, two kitchens and car parking.


We were able to look round the whole Temple just a few weeks before the formal opening.
It was amazing!   Teja Biring was incredibly knowledgeable and answered every single one of our questions.

One of those meetings that convinces you to attend them all as you never know when a real gem is going to come up.




As you can see the evenings were drawing in so this shot of the exterior is sadly a little dark




It got darker as some of the members turned up - the wrong side of a locked security gate!
The directions on the website anticipated this - oddly enough that is why they were there.




The whole Temple is an architectural masterpiece.

Paid for by the Sikh community in the Gravesend area - 10,000 people,

they raised ALL the money themselves over 10 years.

They built it themselves, on time, on budget, all for just 13,000,000
If that was a Government project we reckon it would have been 30,000,000 (and years late).

Medway contains 250,000 people - and I bet we couldn't raise the money to build a Scout Hut!


After our visit we popped round the corner to Cafe Tahj who did us proud.

We raised 200 in personal donations to give to the Gurudwara in recognition of the excellent tour.



We also saw a ghost!





Out of nowhere - an apparition!


An ex-Treasurer!


A little greyer, a little older, and still without our money!


Good old Danny came along and joined us for the meal. 
At the end of the meal Ron was checking on Guest Fees and had grabbed the cash from Chris Soree for his guest,
but nobody coughed up for Dan - weird, who invited him?  Nobody seemed to own up - so poor old Dan paid his own Guest Fee
(well Phil did put 10 towards it so maybe he wasn't quite as surprised as he looks in the photos!)


Another good GASS night!