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The Tap'n'Tin

Unusual Dinner Night

(or GASS Watches Paint Dry Night, as it has become known)

Tuesday October 2nd 2007



We all presented yourselves at 'The Tap' in Railway Street, Chatham,


Up in a 1850's style lift to a Dickensian style attic room, dark, dingy, sticky floors (no, not The Roffen).


A decent curry dinner was served, as were a few decent beers.


Some of the boys looked a bit worse for wear and even the organiser was not quite as up for it as normal,

something to do with a weekend in Amsterdam that ended a mere 24 hours earlier I believe.


Fortunately, a Tap'n'Tin person was there to take the pressure right of everyone

by playing music at 200 decibels making conversation impossible,

so all the tired ones were able to sit and sip beer in silence.


In any event the publicised event went ahead as advertised,

it was just not quite the evening everyone expected.

Entertaining - but missing the main ingredient of eating the hors douvres in an unusual way.

On the bright side - the painter enjoyed himself for four hours and we got to watch his paint dry.

Shame, but not the end of the world, just a tad expensive so we need a couple of cheapies to come.