The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS











An amazing find courtesy of Hugh - The Vinorium, in Lenham.

"This guy is one of the best in the country, and very entertaining, he was excellent!"


I went to their HQ and it is amazing!!!!  A regular treasure trove hidden away in a Lenham Industrial Unit.

Stuart McCluskey, the owner has promised us a very interesting evening sampling a variety of fine wines.

Talk about a Christmas present buying opportunity.


We had the place to ourselves all night from 7.30 until late.

Tasting a variety of fine wines and scoffing some good food.


The Vinorium, Ashmill House, Ashmill Business Park, Ashford Road, Lenham, ME17 2GQ
Tel: 01622 859161


I took Mike Saffery along for a private view and he spent 1,300!!!!


We all turned up on time, 7.30, some straight from work, all pretty hungry.

The organiser had made it plain that we would need a meal, the budget covered a meal.  Sadly between cup and lip there had been a slip.

Stuart had translated my words "there will be 20 of us and we will need feeding a proper dinner, I suggest a decent buffet" into " a small starter size of cheese and cured meat will do".

The starter was cleared in seconds and it was quickly obvious that we were going to starve.


Stuart then got off to a good start on the tasting, great venue, lovely table, superb wines.

Rather too many technical questions that we were never going to be able to answer - starvation making you light headed.

Not enough of "this is a very good value wine and it's priced at 20, buy some if you like it".

So by 10.00pm, hungry and pissed, it started.


Heads down, whispers, signs of mobile phones, occasional shout "where's the nearest Indian?"

To be fair Stuart took it well.  Instead of being upset at the lack of attention paid to his fascinating two hour lecture, he took his annoyance out on poor Hugh's swede.

Every time someone barracked him, by suggesting he wind up his speech and FEED US, he slapped Hugh round the bonce.  A novel approach and one that GASS could happily adopt.

In the end he gave up.  His intended finish time of 01.00 was brought forward to 10.15, mainly due to GASS getting up en-masse and pissing off down the Indy-bum.

He sold not a drop of vino.  Nuff said.



I later took Mike Saffery along for another private view and he spent another 500!!!!

He even refused the offer of tasting his purchases.

The blokes not right.