The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS





TUESDAY 6th November




Bit like this!


The venue was picked because it is the geographic dead centre for all GASS members in the hope that EVERYONE would turn up.  And they did - in spades!  Only Stuart (sorry, bit tired) and Alan (bit missing) missed the meeting.  They will sadly not have a portrait in the GASS THIRTY YEAR BOOK, not one they will like anyway.  As promised it will be the clown face photo or the nude one going in for posterity.  To make up for their absence we were lucky enough to welcome good old Neil and a blast from the past , Brian's guest - John Terry (ex-member, joined 1991). 


We were also lucky enough, through Keith's guest at the last meeting, Graham Bridgewater, to have found an excellent photographer to take our portraits for the GASS THIRTY YEAR BOOK.  Tony Hucks and Graham set up an professional photographic studio in the corner of the Lower Bell pub , courtesy of Liz the very tolerant landlady.  Everyone was processed with amazing speed and the outcome is below.  The plan is to send you out a CD with your 4-5 mugshots on, you pick your favourite, let me know, and that is the one for the book.  In the meantime take a look at the options.......


Many thanks to Anthony Hucks for the shots.  Anthony can be seen at and if you want proper copies, call him.





HERE WE ALL ARE.... first the normal shots in black & white


These are the BLACK AND WHITE versions of the two main shots that Tony took of each of us.  He also did COLOUR,

I have included some different comparisons at the bottom of this page so we can vote on which we want in the book.

When you get your CD with your personal shots on you may prefer a different one, just let me know.

 These are the unabridged versions for a first look!  Frankly we don't look that bad.  Well done Tony, sick purse, cows ear.



















Bit more of a close up. see what you think of these examples....

We could do the book shots in this fashion.











THE FINAL CHOICE IS..... do you prefer colour?








AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST - The man himself, JT and his amazing helmet!

Bastard got the best shot of the lot!




Once again, thanks to Tony!



Once the photos were done we went on to scoff.  During the excellent meal we actually had a productive meeting.  First on the agenda was a grateful thank-you to Tony for taking the photos.  Many thanks!  Second was railroading Graham Bridgewater into membership.  Graham was proposed by Keith and seconded by Nick and was welcomed unanimously into the fold.  The first new member since 2007. 


The next matter was obtaining a  general vote of support for the meetings being organised out of the veritable flood of suggestions coming in - who said we can't think of something new every month after thirty years of GASS?  The meeting voted in favour of all the suggestions currently on the list for 2012/13 which include:-  UP at The 02, Scottish Country Dancing, The Cube, Bullwhip Skills, Dominatrix Training, View from The Shard and Axe Throwing.


Two new ideas were mooted, JB has a plan for a unique Rum Punch evening where we learn to slice coconuts in half with a machete, then mix a rum punch and drink it from our nuts.  Chris has made contact with a Kensei Taiko expert who will teach us Japanese Drumming.  Which just leaves August!


John then made an impassioned plea for everyone to consider the next AGM, despite the fact that we are still tanned from the last one.  JB is investigating The Algarve.  Make of that what you will.


On that note the meeting ended and we retired to the bar.