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        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS






Flight Simulator - Bluewater

organisor - JB


The iPilot flight simulator at Bluewater.

6 minute sessions each to take off and land a massive Boeing 737. 


Take a look at their website on this link  It looks amazing.






We all met at LA TASCA, Bluewater's leading (and only) Tapas restaurant.  J.B had visited both La Tasca and iPilot several times to recce the joint and make sure everything went to plan.  He was therefore not at all surprised when very little went to plan.


J.B's main concern was that not everyone would be at the venue in time to get a full group through the simulator at 7.00pm.  I made the time constraint obvious on the website and again when John asked me to send a second text reminding everyone that I had already reminded them.  We only needed 10 on the first (early) group.  We got 20. 


As beers in La Tasca where approximately 25 each, the high numbers and early start led to the full explanation of why J.B did not want to use his credit card to pay the bill at the end of the evening - I can now fly to the moon on the air miles form the La Tasca bill alone.


During the evening everybody got to fly the extremely realistic simulator and attempt a landing from five miles out on an island airport.  Not as easy as you may think.  Take a look......




The final results were read out and everyone was given points for approach, landing and position of the runway.  I have highlighted the actual pilots in red.


1st Stuart (23), 2nd Brian (21), 3rd Nick (18), 4th equal, Tony & Ian (16), 6th Chris (14), 7th Keith (13), 8th JB (11), 9th Phil (10), 10th equal Len & Steve (9), 12th  Hew, 13th Don (6), 14th Neil (6), 15th Gary (5), 16th Pete (4), last equal Ray and Andy (2).


The moral of the story is do fly with Ray or Andy.  However, as neither Ray nor Andy have a pilots license or a plane or, indeed any inclination to fly you anywhere, it might be a better moral to say don't fly with Hew (or even Chris, or possible even Nick)  They DO have licenses!


A great evening and an almost 100% turnout.  Thanks John.