The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS







We assembled as normal at Gatwick, all dead on time, all with passports and tickets, unusually!  Perfect flight, pick-up, hotel, nice first evening out with a guide who showed us the sights, decent bars, nice restaurants, all very good really, no dramas, nobody got mugged, everyone got to bed, everyone got up in time for the early start for the white water rafting........................



Unless things brighten up I am staying at home next year.

And talking of staying at home, the following did not make it - Chris (vegetating), Don (vegetating), Alan (late cancellation), and Len, who made it for an afternoon.  Got to give it to Len, that is a hell of a trip for one overnight, so well done for making the effort.  All that to deliver the Treasurer's report to the AGM, and the AGM had moved to Saturday anyway, so he missed it!!


This was the planned activity and early Saturday morning we duly boarded two mini-buses for the run out to the river.  Later that morning we actually departed, delayed by one member who decided to change his shoes, re-do his hair, change into shorts, change back into into trousers, have a second crap, have a shower, change back into shorts, re-blow-dry the hair, change back to the original shoes, put on a different shirt, and join us 25 minutes late. 

At last we were off and boy! what a run, some three bloody hours driving into the Slovenian Alps, via bloody Italy.  Yes, we actually left Slovenia for about half an hours driving and detoured round southern Italy!  Apparently it was quicker that way.  Hate to have seen the slow route.  Much moaning about van-sickness, but one has to admit Slovenia is absolutely stunning.  Just look at that view.

During the trip we were lucky enough to be let into the secret about one of our members, who must remain anonymous (that is right isn't it Chris?).  He wanted it kept deadly secret that he had been bitten on his manhood, in the middle of the night in a darkened camper van, by one of his two Wiemeranas.  The resulting pain and shock caused him to (a) pass out, (b) pass 40% of his bodies blood supply, and (c) pass the next three days in hospital.  You did not have to be in two mini-buses full of cynical, sarcastic piss-taking bastards to guess at the lines the jokes took, one would have to describe them as cruel to say the least, bestiality featuring on a 50:50 basis alongside fellatio as the two mainstays.  As it was a total secret we obviously sent all the jokes to the poor bitten subject by text and he sent back the simple message "I'll get you Bell!".

When we finally arrived at the river we got changed and climbed aboard for what was a most enjoyable and exciting ride.  The sad thing was that - once again - nothing went wrong!  Basically, we all did as we were told and we started, rafted and finished.  God, this is getting predictable and boring.  Still the photos came out well.





The AGM was in a nice restaurant, nice food, everyone enjoyed it, and after the AGM we wandered off into town.  Nothing was spilt, no-ones meal was ruined by our foul language, there were no breakages, no food fights, we paid the bill, nobody called Phil a liar, once again - a total bore, what is GASS coming too?


THE TREASURERS REPORT:  A good year, no surprises, nobody overspent, everyone (almost) has paid in full, no problems, and about 1,500 increase in the fund to around 7,000 (after additional AGM bills deducted)  We agreed to leave fees as they are and to use the excess funds to spend on a bigger AGM for 2007 to celebrate 25 years of GASS.  Boring................

ELECTION OF OFFICERS:   It was agreed that in future the outgoing officer would be that years deputy, as we can never remember who we vote to the deputy position and this system might give us more chance of remembering.  The votes were cast for Chairman and a dark horse won the race, Mr Steve Riches.  His deputy will be the outgoing chair, Neil.  The post of Fines Secretary goes to J.B with deputy Phil C.

Len agreed to continue as Treasurer, Brian agreed to continue to write the minutes and co-ordinate meetings.

AGM 2007:  It was agreed to arrange something similar to the sailing in Croatia, but on a livelier island.  Ibiza and Majorca were mentioned for a week on two boats.  The logic being that the Balearics are easy to get to by plane so everyone should be able to make some of the week, and that there was a lot more life and a lot better restaurants.

Steve has subsequently booked two 54 foot yachts out of Palma, Majorca for the week 8-15 September 2007 at an acceptable charter price.  Ibiza proved to be a non-runner due to the lack of marinas.  Palma is regarded as one of the most up and coming locations recently and has masses of marinas, hence the choice.

The yachts are broadly similar to last time - but the great advantage on Majorca is that if anyone wants alternative accommodation (i.e a warm bed in a proper hotel room) then reasonable hotels abound, no-one will have to sleep on the boat if they don't want to.

PUT THAT DATE IN YOUR DIARY NOW - AGM 2007 - SATURDAY 8 - SATURDAY 15 SEPTEMBER.  Some will stay for just 3-4 days, some will stay the week, some will probably opt for 10 days.   The boats are booked, all we need are flights, and it may be easier to book those individually as the number of alternatives may be quite large.