The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS









at The Roffen



As everyone knows Horse Racing nights are fascinating things.  You get to watch a very old video of horses racing (strange to relate) and an old man sits at a table at the end of the room and tells you he has no change for a tenner as you try and make his day by placing 1 bets in the hope of winning 2.  Great stuff, solid tension from start to finish (not). and hardly perfect for GASS.


Well not unless you make some minor changes to the format. 


Now you need to make up your own story to fit the photo below cos' you ain't getting any more from me!


Well, other than take a look at the horses, big aren't they, big enough for a person to ride maybe?

Take a look at the dice, big aren't they, big enought for loads of people to see when they are thrown?

Take a look in the mirror in the background of the photo - can you see the jockeys?




Twat!  Of course you can't - do you think I am that daft?


God knows who thought  up this very entertaining take on a very tired old concept - but than God they did because we had a ball.


Would you also please thank God for the arrival of two new members to get things back on track.  May we welcome to the fold Keith and Ian.  Both introduced by Andy (packing the membership are we?).  Welcome guys and we now have a grand total of 21 members.  Best for years and hopefully a reflection on the fun we have as a group.


The evening ended by our drawing a curtain over the racecourse and retiring to the bar, then popping back occasionally to check to see if the horses were OK, then popping back to the bar.  My, those horses take some looking after.