The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS









Battersea  -  London







Transport:  Make your own way up to London and back.  This was decided as the overall cost of getting in and out by coach, plus the fact that everyone had to get to the coach, and then had to get home from the coach, was actually more cost and bother and more time consuming than forming groups, going up by train, and getting our own taxis home to our own front doors.  This seemed to work as a trial.


Timings:  Doors open at 6.30pm and they will serve the grub at 7.30pm.  Try and get there on time as they will serve the meal exactly when they feel like and I bet they don't take any prisoners.  So, if you turn up late don't look in my direction if you don't get fed!!!


Fortunately virtually everyone managed this by a variety of means, trains, taxis, planes, etc.  Once again a terrible indictment of how organised everyone is becoming.


We were then treated to an excellent dinner and given about one square food of space in which to sit to eat it.  Unlucky those that got a fat neighbour as basically you starved.   We then saw a comedy show (no surprise there) which was pretty good.  We then spent the rest of the evening getting slowly more and more plastered until they chucked us out at 2.00am to find our various ways home.


Good night had by all.





It would be wrong not to mention Alan's Christmas do because he invited the whole of GASS and almost everyone turned up at 'Rangerland' for a superb event.  Al had erected more lights than Regents Street and had a bigger fireworks display than London at the Millenium.  But the piece de resistance had to be 'Alana' arriving later as a somewhat off-beat Father Christmas.  A photo is worth a thousand words...........



great party Alan!