The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS







The Panic Room

7 Berkley Crescent (Opposite the Clock Tower)

Gravesend DA12 2AH


Suggested by Ian



A new idea that is catching on all over, and as always GASS was at the forefront.

We booked two rooms - maximum of 16 people.  OK, they did us a favour and squeezed 18 in.

So GASS being GASS, 20 turned up.  Only Keith and Don were missing.

Despite that we rammed everyone in and got on with it.


We did good!

To be fair the crowding did lead to a couple of missed or fumbled clues, but good we did.

So good we almost made it out in time.

Sadly we are under oath not to show any photos or mention anything that happened.  It would spoil it for others.

So all you get is the blurb.






In "The Panic Room" you are a team sent to a crazed conspiracy theorists mansion where he has been found dead.

He found out something he shouldn't have and clearly someone wanted to cover it up and hide it.

The room is trashed and clearly in the murderers haste he couldn't find the secret file.
It is now your job to solve the trail of puzzles and riddles left by the conspiracy theorist,

find the files and exit code and escape before the 60 minutes is up.





In "The Witch House" you are a student who rents a room inside an old house with a long and dark history

His dreams are haunted by those of a Witch from the town's legend.

During the witch trials of 1682 she disappeared never to be seen again.
It's 11pm and your team has been sent to help the poor student uncover the mystery that lies within the room.
What happened to the witch? Can you break the curse before the clock strikes midnight?






Italian Restaurant

32 Queen Street, DA12 2EE


A really great and amazingly authentic Italian!

They did us a great deal.  Starter and Main 20.

Great atmosphere and really good food.






Sadly, there were some meal malfunctions....  See above.



Followed by some Cabaret malfunctions.....  See above.


We also took a straw poll on BREXIT


Amazingly the results were as follows:-

REMAIN - 3  (Nick, Owen and one other)

UNDECIDED - 4  (Brian, Phil, Tony, Ron)

OUT - 13!


Other than that we had a great evening.