The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS








Stede Court Estate



We retained the services of 'Little' John Taylor, the UK's leading knife thrower.

John very kindly came down from Yorkshire to teach us Knife and Tomahawk throwing.

He did a great job - just a shame about our natural cack-handedness.


"Little" John is a tall, kind, patient Yorkshireman - we are of mixed height, normally kind to animals but not to each other, and far from patient.  John left us a broken man, having failed to pass on his undoubted skills to any but Steve Bell.  We were almost useless, but we enjoyed lobbing various pointed objects in the vague direction of targets the size of barn doors, from a range of about four feet.

John started us off with small multi bladed axes, easier to throw because of their ability to stick in from almost any angle.  We all mastered them in groups of five and were then allowed to move on to throwing knives.  Harder to master as they only stick in point first, but within a short time most of us where succeeding with most throws.  Range was increased with the grip changing from holding the knife handle to holding the point.  Everything depends on the number of rotations in the air you see. 

Peter Farrer says he was promoted straight from the little axes to the thumping great wooden handled choppers because he was so good.  John said Pete was so bad at the small axes there was no point him even trying the knives.  As I said earlier, John is a tall, kind, patient Yorkshireman - Pete is a partly deaf and blind mixed up fantasist, who do you believe?

In the final, decided by throwing at a playing card, Steve Bell was the clear winner.  He and Phil Ralph managed to tie in the first round and Steve got an amazing three axes onto one playing card to win the play-off by 3-0.  Runners up were Chris, Tony & Graham.  The remainder of us were pants!


The throwing commences with the multi blade axes - with at least one in three weapons bouncing off the target and flying back at you!

Moving on to the much harder throwing knives.


You can see the differerence.  The axes have points all round the compass - the knife with just one point.

A convincing and amazing win by Steve, and yes, the picture is genuine, he really did get three axes onto one card.
(he was supposed to put one in each card by the way, but who cares).


And finally, a great big thank you to "Little John", kind and patient until the end -
when he lost it completely and had to be taken home to the pub!

Seriously, many thanks John for a great evening.

Thanks to Chef Carol for the food, thanks to Stede Court Estate residents for putting up with us.

Another great GASS meeting!