The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS








Sandling Road, Maidstone.  Just past the Barracks and next to the petrol Station


The Landlord, Dave, is a friend of JB's and it was a proper old-fashioned PUB MEETING, several real ales,

7.30 arrival for a curry dinner at 8.00.

After dinner there was an 'OPEN MIC' night so we asked everyone who had one to bring their guitars, meaning Nick, Ron, Chris & Steve.

Nick did not bother,  Ron choose to go to The Castle Club, Chris brought his son Joe (who really can play) but no guitar!

So it was down to Steve Bell - who came through!



Everyone else was asked to bring an instrument (Triangle, Kazoo, etc)

John brought a very nice triangle - which he used to accompany Steve.

Steve Riches brought a whole bag of Tambourines - and totally failed to take them out of the bag.

Brian printed off a load of copies of the GASS Songbook - and nobody sang them.


Everybody just drank copious quantities of Real Ale and talked non-stop.

In the meantime the real enthusiasts played their little hearts out.



Whoops!  Sorry, those two standing are indeed two of our musicians, but that is a time warp back to 1984.

Nice suit Chris - and your too Paul (Shrubsole)


This the current state of play - seen below





We were lucky enough to have four guests with us, Hew brought someone (but as you know we are not allowed to identify anyone

from a certain company in Strood who all have to remain nameless to avoid HSBC cottoning on that they have half their assets loaned to a GASS member)

Chris brought his son Joe, Andy brought along his mate Nigel.  But the main event was that our only Overseas Member also appeared.

Welcome back Steve Bishop after all these years.  Steve was a founder member from 1982, he was in GASS for two months before he emigrated to Australia!


So thanks to Dave and the staff at The Flowerpot - great curry, that just kept coming - great music.