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Idea courtesy of TONY



HUMMER DRIVING  -  Canterbury


We all got to drive a full military Spec HUMVEE H1 on a cross country course near Canterbury


It was a beautiful day, hot, sunny, calm.  There was a beautiful diversion for a road closure, which made no sense at all, one diversion sign into trackless Kentish back-roads which took forever to navigate, but we all got there in the end.  On arrival at True Grip Off Road we found the most amazing array of 4WD vehicles and the very professional and friendly staff.



Just a few of the vehicles on offer to clients


We also found a very pretty instructor posing on the vehicle we were to drive



God knows what he was finding so interesting about Tony, but I love his grey hair.



Everybody had as many trips as they wanted and got to drive the Hummer and a Discovery over the impressive track.  It was a little too dry for our tastes (as in dry ground, rest assured  it was not too dry in other ways) and possibly a little too slow as well.  For some strange reason the Instructors insisted on teaching us to drive slowly and carefully with due regard for their vehicles.  To even up the score Chris took his 30,000 beast round the course to prove that you could damage a vehicle if you tried hard enough.


Once we had exhausted the entertainment value of creeping round a bone dry track at 3mph we adjourned to the local pub,

which welcomed us with open tills!  Best crowd they had seen on a Tuesday for many a day.




These were our chariots





This was supposed to be a picture of all of us AND the Hummer, we seem to have blocked the Hummer out!




So we tried another angle, you can see the Hummer so much better here.   I'm pleased we took this one.





See for details and directions.

They gave us a great day at a great price and were very relaxed and friendly, highly recommended.

Thanks Guys!