The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS








THE FARMHOUSE - West Malling




A lovely three course dinner, during which we provided the magic cabaret.

(an original concept for a GASS meeting by John Brice)



Private room upstairs, "The Ballroom", which was set up with a U shaped table as our stage

It was at West Malling as Andy has never had a meeting near his home, he has never moaned and always had to travel. This time. for the first time ever, he walked to a GASS meeting!




For this meeting each member acquired or purchased a proper magic trick, and boy did they do well.

The performances were amazing!!!

We were lucky enough to have the services of Andrew Paul, a professional magician.

Andrew was our Master of Ceremonies and our Judge.



As you can see we dressed for the occasion.


Sadly we were missing a couple of members, Nick, Owen, Keith and Graham were away on holiday.


AND SADLY ......

Steve Riches had decided that after 10 years of membership at 480 a year, costing him 4,800,

and having only made 10 meetings in that time,

then maybe, just maybe, GASS was not for him.  GASS members felt exactly the opposite!

We felt that if we had 10 more members like Steve we could stop paying our monthly subs altogether.

We therefore regard this as a retrograde step by Steve, thinking only of himself, without a thought for us poor sods.

Despite our annoyance at the loss of 480 sovs a year - we wish Steve well and look forward to seeing him as a guest at any time.

CHAIRMAN'S NOTE - The Guest fee for ex-members (as opposed to prospective new members) is 480 a meeting.

Won't make a lot of difference to Steve - as that's what he's been paying anyway.



Wayne was sadly unwell - so he performed a trick that Gary was already famous for from years ago.

It goes like this -

If you can't make a meeting that involves an expensive three course meal what you do is you tell Gary, no-one else (that's important).

Gary comes along to the meeting and keepS quiet about your intended absence.

The kitchen cook your PRE-ORDERED meal.  Brian delays the meal 20 minutes waiting for you to turn up.  Finally the delay is too long and so Brian rings you.

Ta -Da! -  You announce on the phone that Gary knew all along.

Ta - Da! - Gary announces that he was going to tell everyone you aren't coming ..... wait for it .... during the meal!!!


Outcome - A long delayed meal, plus we get to pay 26 for the wasted food.

Good trick!!!!


Except we all know that trick - because Gary performed exactly the same trick with Ron - years ago.

I know, I know, we have some new members who may not have seen it, so was worth a go.

BUT PLEASE - If you are not f***ing coming to a meal where you have pre-ordered your food - TELL BRIAN!!!

It's nowhere near as funny, but it makes so much more sense.


And finally - Ian did not perform a trick.  Apparently he felt that leaving the bedside of his lovely Hayley and his new baby daughter Eva

to come to the GASS meeting was enough in itself.  We agreed and bought him two bottles of Bubbly - which we promptly drank.

Congratulations to Ian and Hayley - and welcome little Eva!






The problem with minutes on a meeting that involved very visual magic tricks is that it's difficult to capture.

Hugh did suggest that we hired a cameraman to video the whole thing but we felt that the cost, at around 500, would far exceed the enjoyment.

After all - who really wants to watch 16 guys perform amateur magic in a TWO hour video????  Two hours it took.  Even with edits it's still an hour.



So for posterity its just a few stills I'm afraid.  At least it captures the essence of a magic night (geddit?).

Apologies to everyone for the less than descriptive descriptions of the tricks, it's what I wrote on the night.  I don't understand them either.



So here we go - THE GASS MAGIC CIRCLE....


















As you can see, Andy managed two tricks, the one above was the best.

Members spent between 2 and 200 - and you could not tell the difference.



1st  -  RON   2nd  -  DON   3rd  -  JB




Many thanks to Andrew Paul


Andrew did a wonderful job, not only holding the whole think together, but also showing us how it is really done with a superb finale.


Many thanks also to our main trick supplier.



Ellingham Industrial Estate, Ellingham Way, Ashford, TN23 6LZ.  Open Mon-Fri 10-5 and Sat mornings.


And finally thanks to The Farmhouse, West Malling, Andrew's local, for such a great spread.







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