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The Roffen Club - Dinner after.

With Alex Jacob, London's leading whip maker.

See his video right here...




Alex very kindly came all the way down from London to give us a talk and a demonstration.  We allowed about an hour for that bit of the meeting before going into the restaurant for dinner, after all, how interesting could whip making and whip cracking be?    WRONG!    We should have allowed Alex the whole evening and had sandwiches!!!


Alex started in the Piano Bar with everyone seated around him, all within easy range of the 12' bullwhip he soon started wielding with scant regard for those heads above which the 'cracker' broke the sound barrier (for the uninitiated, that is the sound you hear).  He went on to explain that some people foolishly think that the safest place to be when faced with a man armed with a whip is to stand right next to him.  At the risk of repeating myself, WRONG!  Hugh jumped up to test the theory, stood beside Alex, Alex cracked the whip and Hugh jumped a clear foot in the air having been hit roundly and soundly on the arse.


Having explained the theory, shown us the technique, whipped Hugh's arse, deafened Pete, Gary and Steve with overhead thunderclaps (well not deafened as such, bit late for that to be honest, old age had already managed that particular trick quite well), he took us up to The Roffen Suite to give everyone else a go.  This is where the time appreciation aspect went out the window.  Alex kept up such a stream of witty banter that nobody actually got to whipcrackaway, Steve did make an attempt, but Alex kept cracking jokes (geddit, cracking!), so much so that eventually the Head Chef stuck his head out the kitchen and made it quite plain that 'dinner was served'.


Now as Alex had a long journey home, and it was probably not a good idea to crack whips after a long liquid dinner, and that he probably only had one or two practise whips anyway, it seemed fair to presume that whip-cracking was over.  WRONG!  Alex made it perfectly plain that he intended to get a few down him, enjoy dinner, then re-open The Roffen Whiperama afterwards.  This he duely did and loads got their chance to practise, plus they got their chance to smash vases, prune the hanging baskets, cut through high level wiring, and generally cause the sort of mayhem that four drunks with 12' bullwhips can cause in a confined space.


Great evening, wish we had allocated more time to Alex who was a star.  Photos below...............................



Alex starting the instruction process



Steve just trying to get hold of the whip

Finally!  It's my turn.


Giving it some welly.

Ron, warming up for a cracker

And letting rip!

Pete, pruning, slashing, vasing, anything but whip cracking. 



Great evening!