The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS






Tuesday 6th March


F1 Racing Simulator



A brand new, highly technical, state of the art F1 simulator, 10 cars, plus loads of goodies.



A thoroughly enjoyable evening for most.  Everyone turned up dead on time and we got straight into our 10 minute test drive.


The cars are amazing.  125,000 a unit, same as the actual F1 simulators used to train the drivers, they travel sideways, backwards and forwards several feet in each direction depending on where you steer and how you brake.  The three massive screens give you all round vision, plus you have your mirrors.  Flappy paddle seven speed box on the steering wheel and left foot braking give you lots to think about.  The fact that the downforce effect is very strong means that the faster you go the more grip you have on corners.  It all adds up to having to forget driving a real car and learn to drive a F1 racing car, watch the revs on the way up with maximum acceleration, stamp on the brakes on the approach to a corner and bang down the gears really fast, throw it into into the corner on the apex and loads of welly out again.  All this with the car shooting left right and centre!


Once we had done our test we were sorted into two groups, the fastest group and the slower group.


It was around here that we noticed an empty car and a very grey Huw.  Apparently the lack of control and the motion of the car had scrambled Huw's brain to such an extent that he could not physically take more than a minute in the car before having a complete brain freeze.  Which for a helicopter pilot is ever such a slight worry.  Fortunately these were not Helicopters.  We had three motion sickness drop-outs, but for the rest of us it was 'game-on!'.


The two groups then raced for 15 minutes for grid position, followed by the RACE!

15 minutes of wheel to wheel drama.

By the time we were finished it was shaky hands and sweating bodies, real hard work.  How the guys in the cars manage it for 2 hours in searing heat is a wonder.




10 cars in the set up, HD screens in front of you and other information on the wall ahead, although looking at that equals crash!

The gap in the floor is the area that the car moves about in.




Just three of the boy racers.


And the finalists!






See the centre at




See a YouTube video of the set-up here  -


We then went on for a really good dinner at The Six Bells which we paid for ourselves as GASS still needed to get back to the 5,000 needed in the fund.

During the meeting Brian hazarded a guess that the accounts were more or less back on track.

All in all another great meeting.