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Tuesday 1st March




It had to happen, it nearly happened last year, now it has happened!!

Alana friends Kate & Paul had recently taken over a lovely pub in Birling


and blow me down, they were also flower arrangers!



New landlord and landlady Paul & Kate welcomed us to the Nevill Bull

and Kate's Mum Beryl taught us how to make a fantastic Spring display of daffodils and tulips.


Everyone got a lovely display to take home to their loved one. 


After that Kate is cooked us a lovely pub dinner.


Let a few pictures tell the story......
















As you can see - a good time was had by all.


That is until Hew (as in Hew Edelaloodaloodaloo, remember that he has to remain anonymous on this site for fear of losing face)

decided to utilise the three bags of self raising flower he had taken the trouble to bring along - for "flour arranging" - as a ball.

The bags were thrown across the already sopping wet carpet of the restaurant 2-3 times before saner minds recalled the awful

incident at The Moving Picture Cafe some years back.  In that incident one bag of thrown flour exploded on the first floor. 

It took the proprietors of the cafe about a year before all the white stuff finally came through the floorboards onto the customers below.

They charged us an extra 200 for the cleaning and damage.

The high speed estimate of potential damage at The Nevill Bull was 500.

One pound of fine flour, spread liberally over a wet carpet = irreversible damage = replace carpets following day.

Fortunately Hew saw sense.  Actually Alana saw the flour and leapt across the room shouting "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"


Disaster avoided everyone went on to enjoy a lovely dinner.

Kate did us proud and even created the GASS Dessert shown in the photo above.


Thanks to everyone at the Nevill Bull for a very enjoyable evening.




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