The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS





The May & June Meetings


Tuesday 1st May

It was blowing a gale - force 12 according to 'The Admiral' - so taking the skiffs out would have been suicidal.

Normally the term 'suicidal' is a bit of a gee-up for GASS, but sadly, as the rowing club had already had one skiff sink

under them in the bad weather, they were not quite as game as GASS and so the event was postponed until June.

Instead we enjoyed a slap-up dinner at The Gardener's Arms in Higham.


Tuesday 5th June


We tried again - and this time the weather was perfect, lovely blue sky, nice smooth water.

The Admiral picked the crews by lottery, we boarded our Clayton Skiffs, and off we jolly well went with a yo-ho-ho

and a hearty avast ye landlubbers, cast off the forecastle, abide the missen, and watch out for the golden rivet!!!!

Great race, won by a team of Neil, Ian, Hew and Brian, a lot longer than it looked and against a tide than was a bit faster

thaN it looked, but all the crews completed the course and everyone enjoyed a bracing breath of fresh air with nothing worse

than a few sore shoulders the following day.  Rowing a 22' long wooden boat with four massive wooden oars

over a 1.5 mile course was never going to be easy - but it was great fun.





After the racing we repaired to The KGV for a lovely dinner and a few bevies.


Thanks to the organiser - Rear Admiral Sir Steven 'Dinger' Bell and to the coxen of our boats.