The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS





(pub meeting - budget £600)



Organised by JB


 As a result of a slight Blackheart related date snafu, unusual I hear you sigh, we did not go  hunting treasure in cars in June. 
Nick was otherwise engaged and JB could not shoulder the admin load alone. 
Instead we are did this - as described by JB.  .............

BUBBLE FOOTBALL  -  Organiser – Mr John Brice, Chairperson

“After a lot of false trails, I have organised the next GASS meeting.  We will be playing bubble football in Strood!

The plan is to meet at the Coach & Horses, London, Road, Strood, ME2 3PA  from 1900. We will then cross the road into the Kicks Soccer Centre for a 2000 start.
This begins with a briefing  before two 20 minute sessions. Teams will be arranged on the basis of how many turn up, who wants to play and how much we can tolerate! 
Dress code -  wear clothes & footwear suitable for outdoor astro-turf. 
You can get pictures of this amazing sport for their website



So, we duly met at the pub, had a couple of swift ones, and then trooped over the road to the sports centre dead on time.

Where, we were not expected.


This lack of expecting us was even after JB had visited them that very day to confirm.  This is possibly due to the fact that every one of the several hundred employees in this lovely centre was under 12.

Having arrived at dead on 8.00 in time for a briefing, we were actually lucky enough to be there dead on time to see our own personal 12 year old pulling 20 deflated bubbles out of a cupboard.

She then started the laborious - and very time consuming - job of blowing them all up.  As they are each four feet across this was going to take some time.

In the meantime we were taken to one side by a 14 year old and briefed - "Don't nick the balloons, don't smoke in the balloons, no knives".  Job done.  Back to watching balloons inflate.



As it turned out bubble football is one of those sports that sounds better than it is, a lot better.

We donned bubbles, we ran around a bit, some of the fitter members bounced several feet in the air, some ruptured spinal discs.

We then returned the bubbles for another 12 year old to then deflate and pack away until the next bunch of mugs turn up, maybe a month or three later.

Total palying time 15 minutes.

It's not going to be Olympic, that's a fact.










(note - not a football in sight anywhere)






It sort of mostly ended up like this - just big men in bubblewrap running full pelt at each other.

There is actually a reason for that - other than a deep seated anger management issue quite a few GASS members suffer with.


You can't see an f'ing thing through the balloon once your smelly hot breath has misted up the grey plastic in front of your eyes!


Blind, exhausted, hot, sweaty, claustrophobic. hungry, thirsty - even a saint would barrel straight at the nearest muppet and bowl them over.

So barrel away was the word of the day.  As I said, and Olympic sport it ain't gonna be!!!

But we had fun, then we had a curry.


Well done JB.