The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS







Stede Court Estate, Harrietsham


Classic Cars, Sports Cars, Big Bikes, Tractors, Jetpacks

We all brought whatever made us feel good in the trouser department.



The meeting wa held at Stede Court Estate and we parked the toys on the lawn for general interest and mutual admiration.

Geoff Crabtree of Crabtree Classics brought along two genuine classics from the 1920-30's and the members brought along everything they could lay their hands on.



Other appearances with be a classic rally BDA Escort Mk2 and the red tractor made famous in 'Big Barn Farm'.

The courtyard roadway will be clear for test drives, as will the gallops round the farm.


Once we had admired, stroked, tested and smelt the toys, we enjoyed a Barbie and a few Tinnies.




Let the pictures tell the story....


Geoff explaining the intricacies of the first classic he ever bought - and has kept ever since.


Classic car and bike collectors - and a man who was not allowed to bring his helicopter, in case he frightened the horses!



Two poor farming boys toys (Brian & Mike)  -  and a lovely red toy (Phil) - would you swap?



Two really big bikes - Graham & Chris



James's lovely classic Rally car  -  Pete's amazing E Type Jaguar



Geoff's two beautiful classics that were the stars of the show.



Gary's Merc and Steve's Bentley



Owen's new Ducati (congrats on getting the license just to drive it here!)  -  Stuart's number 7 bike.



Len's Range Rover (should really have been parked in the field, hardly a proper toy!) - Phil's amazing Nitro Truck



The a bite to eat on a nice British June evening - Note the big coats.....


Many thanks to everyone for bringing along such an interesting array of toys.

Special thanks to Geoff Crabtree for bringing along the two genuine classics.

If anyone ever wants to buy a classic for fun or investment, or has one to sell - Crabtree-Classics.