The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS










Stockbury Village Hall and The Harrow PH

Tuesday 2nd July


The ancient art and the awesome power of Japanese Taiko drumming - wield the bachi!


We met  at The Harrow in Stockbury from 6.30 on and downed a few beers to loosen up our drumming arms.

Wandered over to the Village Hall at 7.30, only a few minutes late, but you need that beer, which most of us took with us.

To be met with - an amazing array of drums, and a great team from Kenseitaiko.


The guys gave us an initial display - and then we got started ourselves.

I would have made a video but it would have blown your speakers, so be content with the photos.

Just looking at them hurts your ears......





As you can see it was like something from primary school, just a bunch of kids bashing seven bells out of seven drums.

No discipline, no rhythm, just bash, bash, bash, bang, bash, wallop.


Thank goodness we got another show at the end to demonstrate the real power of the Bachi.



Thanks to our drummers, thanks to The Harrow for a great dinner.


Thanks to the ladies who gave up their slot in the Village Hall.


Thanks to Chris for the organisation.