The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS







Byford Meadows Kart Track

Tuesday 2nd June

Meet 6.30pm  -  Racing starts 7.00pm  -  Wear trainers


Three races each plus a final in twin engine pro karts

Followed by a buffet dinner at the track

and drinks in their bar until they throw us out.


for info - click the link


What is it about expensive meetings?  I book for 16, which is about par for the course, and what happens?  Every man and his guest bowls up!  Not only that but they choose to bowl up spread over a five hour time frame, and all expect to have their own safety briefing, a personal wardrobe attendant and their own Kart.


Missing the safety briefing, or possibly not fully logging the safety briefing led to one of the biggest 'GASS - INJURED IN COMBAT' list for quite some time.   Nick suffered severe whiplash, from which he is still suffering, as a result of Don's considerable bulk bearing down on him, literally, at about 50 mph.  Stuart did not pass GO, did not collect his usual 200 for coming first, he just went straight to hospital with two cracked ribs from a sideways shunt (shame the hospital was closed!!!!!!!!!!).  Others, too numerous to mention had stiff necks and arms  - but we all had fun (well apart from Nick and Stuart to be fair).












The winners were as usual those who own and wear their own racing overalls, and GUESTS. 

What is it about guests coming and stealing our thunder? 


The overall winner was STUART - oh no, he normally wins, but not this time, this time Stuart was hors de combat - shame!

The overall winner was a GUEST - Owen Ranger, note  he has his own overalls.

Second was ALAN - note he also has his own overalls, the rather fetching little yellow number seen below.

Third was a GUEST - Peter, who also had his own overalls, and he has previously appeared from nowhere,

nicked our glory and buggered off again, nice to see you Pete!


The other prat on the podium is BRIAN, who won the medal of honour for being the overall BEST DRIVER OF THE NIGHT,

BEST ALL-ROUNDER and SAFEST DRIVER (and please note - he does not own his own overalls).





Well done everyone, hope most of the injuries have healed - next time it is far safer, Croquet at Peter's!





I could not resist adding these photos to show everyone that there are people in GASS who are brave.

People who are not afraid to fly with Squadron Leader Ediludaloooooo.

A day trip to Le Touquet was the occasion, and a damn good day it was too.


Weather forecast  BBC 0900:  Thunder and Lightning and strong winds      Pilots Comment:  I didn't check the forecast.

Flying at roof top height over Ashford town centre    Pilots Comment:  I am not rated to fly above cloud

On seeing the low cloud over the Channel   Pilots Comment:  I can't cross the Channel unless I can see the other side.

Having flown the Channel in cloud   Pilots Comment:  I can see the other side now

On receiving text photographs of floods and storms in Medway  Pilots Comment:  Can we drink up now!

Not for the faint of heart I can assure you!



Steve fuelling the Chopper for the flight.


Thank F*** for that - we're down!


Bugger the chopper in a thunderstorm, this is how we are getting home!



Thanks Hew