The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS





(sort of awayday - budget 1,300)




(actually to The Fighting Cocks at Horton Kirby)




Organised by a man who must remain nameless.


Some say he runs entirely on electricity and that he does not know the meaning of being on time......

Some say he is the King of Benidorm and has a massive chopper.......


All we know is  -  He's called the..... Ediloudaloodaloodallooo!!!





And a damn good job he (or was it Linda) did in the organisation,

and the execution, brilliantly flown, great venue.


We were collected from five different locations, almost all on time, and literally dropped onto a postage stamp of a lawn

at The Fighting Cocks pub in Horton Kirby where we were welcomed by hordes of kids and lots of locals.


Each of the five groups had to dress differently and so inevitably two groups dressed identically.

Steve Bell's group decided to wear white tuxedos, Nick Jenkins group decided to wear white tuxedos.  Good choice chaps!


Luckily the other three groups saved the day......







But this is what we all looked like



And afterwards we enjoyed an excellent dinner.....





Yet another amazing GASS night.

Thanks to Ediloodaloodallou

and to Chris and Vanessa at the Fighting Cocks.



Now at the end of the evening we were all a million miles form our homes and cars.

But never fear - electric cars were here!

Sadly, just two of them.


So there was suddenly the realisation that once two groups were on their way home at 10.30, the cars would not be back until at least 11.30.

That is assuming they still had any charge of course.

That meant the last group could reasonably be expected to be waiting at the pub until at least 12.30 and get home at 5.00am (run out of juice).


SO - the A Team worked on the principal that possession was nine tenths of the law and literally ran for the cars and bagged one.

Home by 11.15!  Result!  What time was the last man in?  Who cares.

Sorry about that boys........