The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS







Tuesday 6th August


Phil and Brian did a recce to Docklands and met the nice people who run it.


Below are photos and a video of the two people we watched.  Complete amateurs and they only had 20 minutes each. 

One was a very timid girl who was not keen.  The other was her boyfriend who you can see really cracked it, so it is eminently do-able.





Brian, Phil R, Ian, Graham, Hugh, Chris, Andy, Ray, JB , Keith, Pete, Ron, Nick, Gary, Steve B (15) were up for it.


The people who run it, Joanne and Marc, are great, very calm, very good instructors, very good kit.


Here are some photos from the day itself........











OK, OK, you may have guessed that the pics are fixed, but only a bit.

Pete never actually got up that high and Phil was really falling off!


OK, the truth is the bastards at the Flyboarding firm went bust two weeks before we were due to fly!!!!


GASS has returned to it's roots, back in the old days we used to lose 750 every meeting investing in shares.

(we really did lose that sort of money!)

Now we just lose the occasional 750 down-payment on an expensive day.

Hell of shame, as we all really wanted to do it!


So instead we all went down the pub and drowned our sorrows.