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        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS






CROQUET at Peter's

Held in his beautiful home and garden
With just a touch of rain - as is seasonal in July


Some members took to the Croquet theme of the evening and 'made an effort' in a classic way.

Note:  Phil has a mildly different understanding of the term 'Croquet Mallet'.


On the other hand the 'Chuckle Brothers' used bog standard croquet hammers.

And the winners were..........

Mainly because one of the two players above was brought up by his Grandmother and Maiden Aunts to mow a croquet lawn,
pull a roller over a croquet lawn, pull all the weeds out of a croquet lawn and play croquet at least five times a day between the ages of 2 and 22,
 and who has his own croquet lawn at his country estate.

But which one???

Answers on a croquet mallet wrapped in a 20 note please.  Send them to Brian Henslow c/o The Croquet Club, Stede Court Estate.



Thank's to Peter (and of course to Pat) for a lovely, relaxing evening.  There was a very good turnout, almost everyone was there, some 20 in all.
Peter produced a fantastic spread, paella, chilli, steak, bangers, ribs, salads, the only question was - where were the other 50 guests?

Peter prepared the food in his state of the art kitchen with a lovely cream ceiling,
complete with its central island boasting a beautiful stainless steel grill, a spotless, stainless, steel grill, as in stain-less.

Peter explained that the grill did not work and so he would pan fry the 3/4 of a ton of fresh meat.

Hew and Al are very handy, they make things work for a living.
They looked in the cupboard under the grill and found - wait for it - a switch.
Which they duly switched to ON
Pete! Pete! - Look, the grill DOES work, how great is that?

Pete now has a working stained steel grill in a kitchen with a fatty smoky brown ceiling.
To say that he and Pat are delighted is an understatement, or more accurately a completely wrong statement.
(next time do the job properly Pete - disconnect the bloody switch!)


Thanks for a great meeting go to Mr & Mrs Farrer

(please note the 'Mrs' in the line above - which automatically attracts the traditional fine of 50)
Peter, just deduct the fine from the cost of the new grill and decorating invoice





Pub Dinner at The Dirty Habit

Sadly the Hon Sec was away, and the Chairman's wife injured herself.

Therefore the only two people capable of taking any notes or remembering anything were absent.


So - no records, no photos, no stories - shame on you all!