The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS





The July Meeting



Tuesday 3rd July

Grass track racing in specially prepared race cars followed by a barbecue dinner

Another typical July day - pissing down with rain, so much so that several members thought the meeting would be off.  Twats!  Whoever heard of a GASS meeting being called off for something as silly as a bit of rain. Particularly if it involves driving cars on long grass, no chance.  Remember the motto - if it ain't dangerous, don't do it!

Hew had laid out the circuit with his normal ingenuity - which of course means incredibly complicated, impossible to remember, cars crossing each others paths, cars going headlong at each other, plus a number of minor rules, infringements and penalties way to complicated to go into.  The good news - nobody got hurt.  The bad news - all three cars were injured in the making of this film.



(To see the films double click on the links above and give them time to load)


Fantastic barbie prepared by Al and Hew                                 Now that is WET wet wet


Hew on the start line - talk about tempting!            Just one indication of the head-to-head sections


Alan and Hew did a superb job on preparing our dinner, easily as good as most restaurants, they also did an equally good job getting us absolutely soaked.  The cars were great, although it would have been really useful to know that in the long grass lurked a number of large logs, totally invisible large logs.  We did find out about the logs, but only by way of painful and damaging experience.  The whole event was great fun and, while it would have been better in July sunshine, it was still an absolute hoot.

Many thanks to Alan (and his able assistant Hew).