The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS






Tuesday 8th January



St Mary's Island Hall - Chatham - 7.15

Medway & District Caledonian Association gave us instruction and then we danced with their ladies.


A great evenings entertainment!  The MDCA were perfect hosts, only ever so slightly discomforted by being met at the door by a man in a ginger wig and a see-through kilt made from an old curtain.  Brian and Keith were immaculate, proper kilts, proper shirts.  Graham however had missed the boat somewhat.  He had also missed the request in the minutes not to turn up in a ginger wig and see-through kilt.  A big wide smiling welcome swiftly became a trifle pinched around the edges of the smile as the very pleasant couple from the MDCA unlocked the hall.  Thank Christ, the next 10 GASS members were also immaculate (save only Pete, who was also wearing a ginger wig, at least he has an excuse).


The effort everyone went to to buy kilts was most impressive.  The effort that 3-4 wimpish members went to to rush off down the pub was downright pathetic.  For goodness sake, join in!  It won't hurt you know and only this site shows the pictures.  Maybe it was because those that made the effort, costing all of 30, put them to shame.  maybe they have crap knees?  Who knows, anyway, this is what the dancers looked like......





Needed the three shots to get all 16 in!  -  Don't we look smart!






And if you are really keen you watch the video!



And finally, this is where we all got our wonderful kilts!


Cheap kilt suppliers, a really decent kilt for 22,15859834,index.php


We can't thank the Ladies & Gentlemen of the MDCA enough for their tolerance and forbearance.  They allowed us to invade their weekly meeting and dance with all the girls, despite being useless at it, as those that watched the video above can attest. 

Thanks also to the guys at The Ship & Trades Pub who had to put up with us for dinner afterwards.