The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS









Hoverboard Racing



Simple bit of fun - Hoverboarding. 

Hovermania, our local specialists, brought along a bunch of boards and helmets.


We then lined up against the wall and hopped aboard our trusty steeds.

And off again, and on again, and off again.......


Not too difficult though and within minutes we disproving the tabloids description of Hoverboards as lethally dangerous.

They are just normally dangerous, although we had no injuries to speak of.

Probably because we all have full licenses for Segways from our Lithuania trip, that helped no end.





We then started the racing, or rather half the guys raced.  The results were as follows:-




For some strange reason there were a larger than normal number of chickens who refused the chance to race these little mothers..

The chickens justified being chicken by the fact that they had each paid 2,000 to go off skiing at 05.00 the following morning and they were damned if they needed a broken wrist that night.

At least they had been man enough to turn up for the meeting where the programme for the rest of the year was decided and the AGM location agreed (for a second time), read on....





NEXT MEETING - Chris came up with a great suggestion of CHEESEMAKING at The Geroge at Newnham, a Sittingbourne based event for MARCH.


The APRIL meeting was going to be VELODROME, but Hugh has the Archer in mind, so we are waiting on a price from Hugh.


The MAY meetings is provisionally BANGRA DANCING in Gravesend.



AGM 2017


The previous agreement was to return to Puerto Banus, the good old Andalusia Palace Hotel.

At this meeting cold water was poured on that idea by Owne & Gary who said its full of Russians and costs a packet.

The new proposal is IBIZA.


Sadly, there was not much actual discussion.  We run the risk of a location just being plucked from a hat unless members take some part in the decision process.

Nothing more has been done and it's all a bit in limbo.  Where do we fancy for 2017?