The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS









Idea and Organiser - Chris

An excellent turnout at the Indian at the old Little Chef on the A249, Stockbury Valley
(the name of which cannot be mentioned for legal reasons to do with the Stockbury Gardening Society annual piss/punch up)

The new owners are great guys , really good fun and a very nice restaurant.

 The plan was to split us into groups of four, the first group then took orders from the next group and went into the kitchen to cook their orders.
Cooking just main courses and breads only takes a few minutes and so the first shift went smoothly. 
Needless to say by the time the second group was cooking things were beginning to fall apart.  HUNGER had intervened!
CHEATING soon followed, with dishes being hi-jacked on the way to the table, BAD TEMPER followed hard on cheating's heels.
People changed groups, ate each others food, and the whole thing fell apart.

FISTICUFFS were narrowly avoided - and I will come back to fisticuffs!

First a few photos.............

Service with a smile, this being the first group to cook.
If you'd seen these same chefs and hour later, still not fed, it was a different story!


Two Chicken Jalfrazi, one Garlic and Coriander Naan, and a deep fried Crocodile - and make it snappy!


A bit more Cheese in the grins please!


Great food, amazing chefs, and it all worked out in the end when the REAL chefs stepped in
and cooked up a whole mess of delicious victuals for the hungry ones remaining.

Now, back to the fisticuffs!

At the start of the meeting Chris explained why he had a large hole in his bonce, all related to his spending New Years Eve with the Stockbury Gardening Society.
When will that man steer clear of such a rough crowd, these gardening society do's almost always end up this way - but he never learns!!! 
Nick failed to explain why he had a massive incisor issue. 
Alana did explain why he had two cracked ribs from a skiing accident.  Brian did explain why he was limping from a wrenched toe (from climbing into the bath!).

However, Hew won the self-inflicted wound of the month competition by a country mile.
Hew was not satisfied with equalling Alana's two broken ribs, he chucked in a badly fractured pelvis as well.  This explained his interesting grey colouring.
Hew had come a cropper carrying ski's to the bus home, upended in the middle of the road, miles from any snow.
Hew being Hew had eschewed the surgeons urgent suggestion that he have something done about the pelvis - plates, screws, you know the sort of thing.
Instead he opted for three weeks bed rest to allow the damaged pelvis to knit together, except he missed out the 'bed' and the 'rest' bit,
thus ensuring that the pelvic fracture was kept in a state of permanent movement, with the accompanying agony being the end result.

To say he was in pain was an understatement.  Chris was miffed at having his wound upstaged. 
Months without any good wounds, and five come along together!
N.B:  I stress that the line above says Hew was IN pain, not Hew was A pain.  However, he did add 100 to the bill by drinking sherry to dull said pain.


Looking good guys!


Many thanks to the owners and chefs for their tolerance, skill and good humour.

Great food, great decor, great people!