The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

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Whiskey Tasting

January 6th 2015



14 London Road, Maidstone, ME16 8QL





A really good turnout yet again for our home grown Whisky Tasting under the expert tutelage of Tony Mankelow

and his able assistant Clive Perry (or was it the other way round?).


We were introduced to the charms of four different 15 year old single malts:


DALWHINNIE  - a light heather tasting malt from Speyside.

GELNMORANGIE - from white oak casks, finished in Sauterne wine casks.

GLENDRONACH - matured in sherry casks.

BOWMERE DARKEST - peat smoked malt and finished in sherry casks.


We were also taught the changes wrought on the whisky by just 2-3 droplets of water from a pipette, amazing!


Clive went through the method of making whisky and explained how each stage can affect the final taste.

From the taste of the water, through to the type of malted barley and how it is dried (burning peat smoke etc),

through to how the whisky is matured and gains flavour from the type of cask it rests in.

During the process we were encouraged to sip at the four whisky's to compare their tastes.


Clive and Tony sipped away throughout to wet their whistles as they spoke, and in true whisky expert fashion,

by the end of their erudite exposition there was zero chance of either of them being able to say 'erudite exposition',

or anything even approaching it.  Their own names were a challenge.







We were then served an excellent Indian meal by the guys at the Mughal Dynasty.

But not before they had set Gary a right brain teaser......





A great night was had by all and many thanks to Tony & Clive and to the Mughal Dynasty for a great meal.


Tony pulled a blinder by getting the first meeting for months in on budget, well done Tony!