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Lovely pub, lovely dinner.  Excellent turnout, only Andy (in St Lucia), Chris (God knows where), Neil (at bloody work again, come on Neil take a break once a month!), Alan (God knows where but he did at least apologise for absence), and Steve (too lazy to turn out or felt a bit poorly, not sure which).  We missed you, but you missed more!

Great atmosphere, pleasant banter.  We were promised one of Steve Riches's famous QUIZ extravaganzas.  You may remember that we last had a Steve quiz in February 2009 at the KGV.  The minutes are on the list, but to save you looking it up the actual minutes are reproduced below.....



organiser - Mr Steve Riches

at the KGV Public House, Brompton

It may be best that a veil is drawn over this meeting.

Pressure of work prevented the organiser being present.

He passed the baton on to poor old JB, who did his best.

The food and company were spot on - the quiz was pants.

Nuff said.

Now far be it from me to compare and contrast the outcome from February 2009 and January 2011, but this time the same poor JB had asked Mr R to do a quiz for this meeting - and what did Mr R do?  He reversed the trick, last time he did the quiz but did not turn up - this time her turned up but did not bother with the quiz.

Now if memory serves the last quiz was a complete mystery to the members, but JB soldiered on and waded through twenty obscure, dubious, difficult, irrelevant, and in most cases unanswerable questions to the dismay of the members, and Steve was absent.  This time Steve was present - and we did not have to take time out from an enjoyable meal to look like dumb clucks for half an hour - no contest!!!  Chalk up another one for the 'can't organise a piss up in a brewery' party, and give thanks for Mr R's forgetfulness!



AGM 2011:  We have two genuine suggestions on the table.

1.  VALENCIA:  Spain, recently tonced up for the America's cup, apparently a nice sunny location with beaches, and a nice big town worth visiting.

2.  BLACK SEA:  Anywhere in the tourist areas on the Black Sea, which could mean Ukraine, Rumania, Bulgaria, and Tony will contact the ubiquitous Brett at our favourite travel agents and see what they have.

Valencia would be a separate flights and hotel set-up which we can organise, Black Sea would a long weekend package tour style.  Nick is checking on Valencia, Tony on the Black Sea.  Report back ASAP.



The Chairman announced the very sad news that Tom Ryan died of a heart attack on Christmas Day.  Tom joined GASS back in 1993, and left about 8 years later, famous for  having been Chairman at least once and also for managing to relieve Hew Edelodaloodaloo of 64,000 along the way.  Nice one Tom, but you did jump the queue you naughty boy, we were all in line for our handout and  you pushed in.  Mind you I suppose Spike did that too, oh, and Mark, and .......  will I NEVER get mine!!!???  Tom was fried at Maidstone Crem on Monday 17th January 2011 and beer and sarnies were consumed at The Village afterwards.  The Managing Director of GASS attended as a mark of respect.