The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS





Nintendo Wii Competition


Small innocent animal racing



Tuesday 13th January

(second Tuesday as is traditional in January, to get some room between NYE and GASS)



Organisor - Tony


The Aviator Pub, Sheerness



An amazing turnout, only absentees being Len (in Aruba) and Steve (in the Canaries - as in Wharf sadly, not the volcanic islands in the Atlantic, poor overworked Steve) and Chris (hospital visiting - hope dad is on the mend).

The top billing of a Nintendo Wii competition took second place to a form of competitive bestiality.  It was shocking!  A group of innocent piglets and baby rabbits were dragged into the arena and subjected to the most inhumane display I have seen in years!  Let the pictures speak for themselves.  All complaints direct to the RSPCA or the PDSA, don't bother about telling IFAW, they were in the thick of it!






Frankly, I found the whole thing disgusting and it is probably better to draw a veil over that part of the meeting.

Moving on, the landlord removed the various damaged and distressed fluffy little items, and I am not referring to Alana, and set up the Wii.  First everyone tried out their luck at Bowling.  The overall winner was Stuart who once again denied having any prior experience, just like he has done in several other competitions he has walked, odd that.  Most of the others were total pants.  Having all attempted the bowling we moved onto Boxing, this probably came a little late in the evening, or was it simply that you had to actually move your arms around a bit, too much like hard work?  In any event it was slightly less well contended than the aforementioned Bunny-Banging.



The delights of vivisection and electronic fun substitution over we thought we were done for the night, but no.  For reasons that absolutely nobody could fathom, the Charwomen stood up and gave vent to his emotions in a passionate speech about absolutely zilch.  We are talking a full 2-3 minutes of words spoken one after the other, but with no discernable logic, point or reason.  To be honest I drifted off quite early on in the diatribe and spent too much unhealthy time thinking how tall Alana was in his famous boots, before realising he was standing on a chair.  Other members told me it was something along the lines of a new year address.  Really, you could have fooled me!

Thanks Tony, great meeting, thanks also to the Landlord of the pub for great service and really good food.