The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS







Pizza Express, Maidstone.

organiser - Don.

A great turnout, just Gary (pulled a man-flu sickie), Steve R (working again), and Stuart (a lot on).

Everybody else turned out for what ended up as a real GASS style laugh.  Simple idea, we were all herded into a room, and for everyone that knows GASS that is like herding cats.  Once there we were forced to work for our supper. 

The first thing that came out was the flour for the tables - and yes, of course, lots it went straight up in the air, into peoples hair, onto clothes, until wisely the young chef in charge took it out of the room.  We were then handed a ball of Pizza dough and off we went rolling and flattening, adding ingredients, but why tell you, I'll let a few photties give you a sample of the evening..................


       GETTING STARTED                                            SHAPING THE DOUGH                                             FILLING IT WITH SAUCE


                 THE FINISHED ITEM                                               I CAN'T BE ARSED!                                                    WILD EYED CHEF


WHAT DOES LEN HAVE UP HIS NOSE?                                     WORSE THAN A BUNCH OF KIDS


   NICK ATTACKS FROM THE REAR                       ADD A FEW ADORNMENTS                                    AND GUESS Hew !!



PARTY, PARTY:  See the next meeting info on the homepage for details of Al's party at Rangerland on the 9th February, Cap'n Jack Sparrow meets Moulin Rouge, just another chance for Alana to strut her stuff I guess!

2008 AGM:  Same for the input you might like to have into the 2008 AGM.  Suggestions range from The Historic Grand Prix in Monaco (Al),  Glacier Skiing (Chris, probably involving naked hang-gliding paintball at the same time), Iceland (Nick), Oktoberfest beer festival (Brian).  Members who have a suggestion MUST come armed with costs and info, simply wish-listing does not cut it guys.  If you have an idea do the background please and it then makes the cut for the voting.

BEAM ME UP SCOTTY:  Chicken George, our esteemed chairman, did a brilliant job.  We put his success down to his new habit of dressing in Startrek uniform for GASS meetings.  Very fetching Captain Kirk!

And that is it, great meeting Don, a typical GASS laugh - something you would never do without GASS.  I took my kids their last year and I can say for a fact we were far, far more badly behaved. 

See you at the next meeting everyone!