The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS






Tuesday 7th February




The Roffen Restaurant

Idea - Nick      -      Organiser - Len


Spencer Wood, Magic Circle and Close Up Magician of the Year

performed for GASS over a dinner meeting in the restaurant at The Roffen


Three course dinner and an amazing display of magic.



Bending Spoons, amazing card tricks, witty banter,

and loads of issues from the fact that some of the audience were sitting behind him,

including of all people, Hew.

Hoo would want Hew behind Uuu when doing magic?

Fortunately Hew only gave away a couple of the tricks, bloody good they were too.


Superb three course dinner as always - unlimited wine - 20 a head

I mean, how does The Roffen do it I want to know?

(if I have to write this rubbish I insist on the right to advertise, it's only fair)


Thanks to Spencer Wood

and to Nick, Len and Steve who were all mildly involved in the organisation to various degrees.



After the meal the AGM was decided in a hearty manner.

IBIZA made the cut.

For all the details, logic and up to date info and price click here to see the AGM DETAILS



Great meeting