The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS





(cause of death - Medway Council Planning Department)


Tuesday 5th February.


Organiser  -  Hew



This time Hew did actually turn up and we missed out on out traditional visit to the Indian in Strood, shame.


Hew has finally bowed, King Canute-like, to the simple fact that southern England is a warm damp environment, which is not even faintly conducive to snow.  Add to that the fact that we have not even seen natural snow around these parts for years and you have an idea of just how difficult it must have been to maintain Hew's dream of a permanent ice cap over Strood.  Add to that the 1,890,345 issues that Medway Council had with the idea and you get some concept of just what Hew has been fighting against.


Hence the sad demise of our old favourite - The SNOW PARK.


Hew kindly offered GASS one last chance to enjoy its delights FREE OF CHARGE (multiple witnesses!)

We only had to pay for our drinks and food (beers 25 each, hot dogs 45, mustard extra)


So we dutifully rolled up, with only Tony (away somewhere), Steve R (on holiday), Stuart (still very busy, you must take some time off soon Stuart, we miss you), and Peter (in hospital having a complete overhaul and re-bore, get well soon mate!).


Hew then explained the concept, which went along the lines of four teams, to play football, hockey, digging, whirling, curling and skiing.


So we duly played table football, table hockey (boring), digging (getting better), whirling (watch the video) curling (much better as it started to get dangerous) and finally skiing (excellent, proper dangerous).  Then ended up with a flat out punch-up to decide the winner.









      This man will do ANYTHING to win!






And in case you want to see things on video take a look at these - they do take a bit of time to load so be patient.


This video shows everyone holding a full pints of beer whilst being whirled round and dropped from a height.



This one shows Curling, which done in the dark does add some interest to the sport.



This one shows how NOT to ski in the dark!






AGM 2008:

Only good old 'AGM Tony' had a suggestion.  Tony once again took the simple but effective step of contacting Vamos Travel who have sorted us before in Latvia and Slovenia.  Their offering this year is BRNO, the second town in the Czech Republic.  They are offering a 4 day/3 night weekend including flights, transfers, etc for 449.   Full details to follow.


NEXT MEETING:  The planned visit to London for 'Circus Skills' will be postponed until April as six members are away.  A smaller meeting will be held in March.



The matter of the fees was discussed and a lively and very positive debate ensued.    The outcome and proposed voting method are shown on the NEXT MEETING page.