The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

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AIRKIX - Milton Keynes

As is becoming boringly predictable lately it all took place according to plan.  We met at The Roffen at 11.30 for a 12.30 sharp departure.  A few beers and snacks at the club before we boarded our Kingsferry Coach (complete with toilet as requested by the weak of bladder).  Perfect sunny day, ideal weather some would say for a tosser to fall off his bike in the outside lane of the M25 and make our 2 hour journey into a 5 hour journey - thank bloody Christ for the toilet!!!! 


Thanks also to the guys at AIRKIX who were kind enough to reschedule us for a much later time slot.  When we finally arrived we dived in and got changed into flying suits and helmets and then in to the wind tunnel itself.  As we were 15 flyers we were offered the option of cramming in together as the viewing gallery could just hold 15 - and just was the operative phrase - I think they meant it could hold 15 average humans, not 15 super-sized GASS members, but we managed.


We dutifully trooped in one at a time, with one member hanging back to make sure he was last. I refer of course to the one member who has a very real fear of heights, the full vertigo, feeling giddy, can't look down type of fear, I refer of course to a certain A. Smith Esq.  Sadly, once we were jammed in, the instructor calmly walked back to a hitherto unnoticed door at the rear of the queue - and invited said A.Smith Esq. (chicken of this parish) to step into the roaring hurricane first!!  Give Andy his due he hardly hesitated at all and the sharp and powerful shoves in his back were almost unnecessary, almost.


After that it was plain sailing, or should I say plain floating.  Everybody did it, everybody had four great flights, the adrenaline was flowing, nobodies shoulders popped out, and all in all it was an absolute buzz.  Below are a selection of photos from the video supplied by AIRKIX to show everyone we really did it.


The minutes continue under the photos so do scroll down.






The four above are Andy, Alan, Brian, Chris (in case you don't recognise yourselves).




Don, High, Ian and John




Neil, Nick, Pete and Phil.




Ray, Ron, Steve and Tony  -  well done everyone!



And finally see how the instructor completely misunderstood the fact that Andy really is scared of heights,

I mean, he did not do this to anyone else - the funny bastard!



and now watch what the experts can do



Having had a great afternoon we made our way to Covent Garden for dinner at Tuttons

Here is a link to the restaurant, lovely private room


Nice dinner, shame we had so little time left after the M25 debacle,

we agreed most of the programme for 2007 which you can see on the MEETINGS button above. 




Tuesday 6th March


Black Tie dinner at The Roffen

7.30 for 8.30 sit down

Caveau Du Sabrage


Basically this is a four course dinner where every single member

will learn how to open a bottle of Champagne using a Sabre,

you slash at the bottle and the cork flies off,

along with your wrist if you don't watch out!