The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS





Tuesday 4th December





We met at The Roffen for a Coach ride up to the O2 Arena.  A very good turnout with guest Miles Henslow, plus a celebrity appearance by Neil Roger, sadly missed were Tony, Phil C (both in Dubai), Len off sick, Stuart working too hard as always, and John Terry just plain lost.


Once there we sank just a couple of pints and made our way to UP AT THE O2 where we were briefed on the massive undertaking that faced us.  Sadly during the briefing one of number decided it was politic to write TOSSER on one of the waiver forms and then to muck about with the fittings in the disabled toilet.  The head honcho strode into the changing room, leapt manfully onto a bench and in a loud voice announced that "None of you lot are climbing tonight - you are all drunk and badly behaved".  This did come as a bit of a surprise as it takes a shed load more than two pints of Fosters to get us drunk, but wiser heads decided not to pursue that avenue with the outraged boss-man.  Instead the Upergruppenfuehrer  asked the two guilty parties to own up, and Hew put his mitt in the air, not for one transgression, but both!  He was immediately offered up as a sacrificial lamb, if we left him behind could we all be let off and allowed to climb - please sir, please!.  Fortunately sense prevailed, not something that usually happens with Hew around, but a suitably chastened Hew was finally allowed to accompany the team up the sheer face of the O2 at last. He never did explain what happened in the loo.



Once on the climb itself we had a great time - great weather, a bit cold but at least it wasn't raining.  Very steep, wonderful views.




The team at the Summit



After the climb we had a couple more beers to while a bit of time away before the second highlight of the night - a trip over the brand new Emirates Air Line, the amazing cable car over the Thames.  A quick five minute walk to the ticket office to find disaster waiting.  The fabled organisational abilities of the Managing Director came crashing down in flames.



The flipping Emirates Air Line closes at 8.00pm - would you Adam & Eve it?????  Two recces, not one, two, and he never noticed that it closed at 8.00 in the winter.  TOSSER.  To make matters worse John Brice very kindly tried to cheer up said Tosser with a kind reminder that we now shared that 'Can't organise a piss up in a Brewery feeling'.  Nice one.  That made me feel a lot better.


Everyone was very nice about it, especially Andy who hates heights.  Having sunk another couple of pints to ease the disappointment we made our way to a lovely private room at GAUCHO in the O2, a top quality steak restaurant, where we dined royally.





Chariman Brice reminded everyone that it was KILTS for January, so try and buy, beg, borrow or steal one for the Scottish Country Dancing if you possibly can as it will just make the evening so much funnier.