The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS







Tuesday 6th December



Idea courtesy of Peter


Starting at The Southwark Tavern

22 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TU (020 7403 0257)


Utilising the famous Pedibuses, two of them, to carry the 20 members and 1 Guest, Ty Ripley

all the way from Southwark to Covent Garden. Apologies for absence from Ray and Alan.

See the pedibus site here





The plan was simplicity itself.  We all meet at the pub in London, hop on two Pedibuses and cycle to Covent Garden,
jump off and have dinner at The Roadhouse, nice and easy.


Sadly, the best laid plans of mice and Ubergrupenfuhrers oft gang aglay, or some-such.


Here is a copy of the email received at the Hon Sec's home computer (not even at the office or by text) at 10.30 on the morning of the event.......

Hello Brian

We have a booking for you for today for 2 Pedibuses starting from London Bridge and heading towards Covent Garden, starting at 19:00. The tow bar on the vehicle we use to transport the Pedibuses came off at the weekend and despite our best efforts, we are unable to have it fixed until tomorrow afternoon. We are unable to transport the Pedibuses to meet you for your tour today.  Would you be able to reschedule the outing for another day this week?

The reply went something along the lines of:-

You total f***ing arse!  What do you mean you are cancelling with 5 hours notice - by f***ing email?! 

Why, if you knew at the weekend your towing vehicle was knackered, did you not hire, replace, borrow, steal another one. 

I have one - I will tow them into London - Anything to avoid 20 GASS members getting on my case - trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so it came about that afternoon that the Unbergrupenfuhrer was towing an unlit,

illegal, bald tyred, incorrectly plated trailer through central London for two hours.




To meet GASS in a pub and surprise them with 21 Santa Suits, which they took very well.



Before getting the Pedibuses loaded for a long trip through London, being cheered,

photographed, hooted at and generally applauded by everyone along the way



Stopping along the way for the occasional bevy - as you do - to the alarm of a number of normal people.



and finally - after a long, long pedal that took more out of us than we expected, we stopped.



Before making our way to The Roadhouse for an excellent meal with only our group properly dressed.

All the normal people in the club had forgotten their Santa Suits - shame!  Needless to say we stood out.



The Roadhouse had a real Christmas party atmosphere and suited us down to the ground.


We enjoyed our meal, loads of banter, we inexplicably lost the Chairman in a bun throwing incident which was a shame,
we all suffered under the new fines regime (far stricter than the previous 20 years, no arguing with Nick and Don

who are aiming to raise 100 plus a meeting to cover the financial crisis).


Some left after dinner to catch the last train, some danced on into the night, everyone had a ball.


Other than that - Happy Christmas!!



Who would have thought it when we formed back in 1982?