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"Dans Le Noir"


Dinner in the Dark.


The trendy new concept restaurant in Clerkenwell Green,
where we enjoyed a full three course dinner in pitch darkness - as in PITCH black.

Another GASS first!!



A full turnout, well almost, Neil was missing as usual, pressure of work, as usual, poor Neil.  Also, as is becoming a habit for trips to London, there was a group that decided driving through the London Christmas rush hour was in some way quicker than the 30 minute train journey courtesy of the High Speed Rail Network, but they made it in the end, only took them 90 minutes.  Nice pub next door, nice bar in Dans le Noir, sensible briefing before dinner to let us know how the evening was supposed to go.  After that it is all dark!


You line up in a dark corridor, hands on the shoulders of the man in front, then push through the blackout curtains into PITCH DARKNESS.  Not a glimmer of light.  Blind waiters guide you to your seats and down you sit.  Grope round for the gobbling rods and platters.  Next, knock over your wine glass.  Now try and work out who is sitting beside and opposite you.  Then they serve the starter and you get the first taste - of having nothing to taste.  Food you were certain was on the end of the fork was in fact still on the plate.  The fork that you were certain was aimed at your gob was actually heading unerringly for your nostrils.  Crash! as the first wine bottle goes over. 


To be fair to GASS, we all got the hang of it quite quickly.  The food was excellent, the company sparkling (whoever the hell they were, I never really worked it out).  The place seemed to be packed, although to be honest it could just have been us in the room and a soundtrack for all we knew.  An unusual evening and very good fun.


Next we walked down to Smithfield Market to the Karaoke Box, a professional Karaoke Club where you sing your little hearts out in private rooms, and then repair to a packed bar to have a laugh with the hundreds of other Christmas revellers we were promised, revellers that London, a world class capital city, cannot fail to produce in December.  Or not, as the case may be.


The place was deserted!!!  Talk about a sign that all is not well in the economy.  Streets deserted, club deserted, pubs on the way deserted, next bar we went to - you guessed it, DESERTED.  No wonder we got in free, they did not even try and rip us off, probably too depressed to bother.  Despite that we managed to have a laugh. 


I took a number of photos inside the restaurant and they are all below.  Not being allowed to use a flash was a bit of a pain and has made details more difficult to pick out than normal, but hey-ho!








Use your imagination!

Happy New Year!