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The GASS amazing Christmas Meeting

Tuesday 2 Dec



ATTENDANCE - EVERY MEMBER (except Chris Spree away in The Falklands, decent excuse!)  GUEST:  Neil Roger  =  23


We were all collected from our very own front doors and whisked by chauffeur driven TESLA S Class all electric super cars to The Roffen

for pre-party drinks and snacks.  We looked amazing (or weird, depending on your take on it) in our Opposuits.

See us here trying hard to make a start on our odyssey.



We then drove to London wasting just 45 minutes in a complete traffic snarl-up on Bluebell Hill (I know, odd way to head to London).


Once underway our first port of call was The Perkin Reveller under Tower Bridge, a quick beer and then the first of our series of photo shoots.

The idea being to get the best out of the suits, have a laugh, and try to avoid drinking non-stop!

The first shot was of us stopping the traffic - quite literally - on Tower Bridge at rush hour.



See what I mean!


The Police were remarkably sanguine about it too, especially as we had delayed them.....



Next was a backdrop of the Tower of London shot.




Then on to the London Eye......



plus a look at our amazing cars, seven in all (one got cut out of the shot!)....



Then we enjoyed a nice picnic and a few tinnies.....



In full view of The Houses of Parliament.... as you do.....



Before we made our way to Buckingham Palace .......



Where once again we managed to park seven cars with no issues....



To be honest that was after the lead car car tried to actually pull into Buckingham Palace before being told in no uncertain terms

by the Police that he had better move along sharpish like, as there was a top level reception going on and we were NOT invited!


Throughout the evening the Police were conspicuous by their absence and their tolerance, they left us to our own devices on Parliament Square,

and bear in mind we had seven cars parked on double yellow lines, picnic tables, beers, sandwiches, and 23 of us were larking about like loons and getting pissed on the Square.

They saw us, cruised past us, even waved to us - but hassle us they did not.  Mind you, take a look at us, would you?


You can tell we were having fun.......



That was because the next stop was another pub......



Notice we have managed to remove all the patrons from what was a very crowded pub......

In fact we simply crowded them even further - into a corner and out of the shot.


To be fair to the patrons, and to the Police, and to the general public, everyone was so friendly and so complimentary.

The Opposuits ( were a real conversation piece, dozens of  people came up to us to say nice things.

Which for GASS is a first, normally we are being asked to leave, stop swearing, get Hugh down from a swinging chandelier etc.

The suits were a palpable hit everywhere we went!!!  Amazing what you can do with a sow's ear and a silk purse.



By 9.30 we were in Soho where we had our table booked for 23 of us for dinner at LITTLE ITALY, a restaurant that later becomes a nightclub.

There we had a four course dinner.  Sang our hearts out to the lovely old 60's hits they were playing, then we danced our socks off until the early hours.



Finally, and courtesy of the amazing staff of ever tolerant and kind chauffeurs, we were ferried home back to our own front doors.

A genuine and massive thank you goes out to all the girls and guys who drove for us that evening.

Your good humour, tolerance and kindness was greatly appreciated by all in GASS.  We could not have done it without you - many thanks!!!!





Now although all these shots are available to GASS members on our DROPBOX site, here are just a selection of mug shots....











As you can see a good time was had by all!!!


Just for the records


That included:  Your suit, which is yours to keep, collection and return to your door by Tesla, a four course dinner and drinks.

The costs are:  Suits 60, Meal 50, Drinks 50, Transport 90 = 250 a head at least.


This how the accounts panned out.....



We had a total budget of 5,700

The GASS fund normally pays up to 2,000 for Christmas, add in 1,300 of our 1,740 surplus carried over from last year,

plus the 100 a head contribution from 22 members (Chris Spree is not coming), making 2,200,

plus a 150 guest fee from Neil, plus an extra 50 which Wayne kindly offered for his suit as he has only just joined.



1,272 went on 23 suits.   1,950 goes to HE for the cars.

 1,292 went to Little Italy for the meal (23x49.95 plus 12.5%= 1,292).

300 went to The Roffen for an hour of drinks and nibbles beforehand, plus 48 cans and sandwiches for 30 for a picnic en-route.

200 went to the two pubs for two rounds. Leaving about 766  for drinks at Little Italy 33.30 per head), which paid for house wine at the table.



A beautiful Tesla S Class!


Your chauffeur driven car.  With GASS badges on the bonnet.


Happy Christmas everyone!!!!



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