The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS






organiser  - Tony


Kent County Showground

Tuesday 11th December



Christmas... and all that Jazz - The Roaring Twenties!!

It's Chicago 1928, prohibition is in full swing and bootlegging gangs rule the streets. Whisper the secret password and enter into the shadowy world of the Speakeasy.  Head for the hot and lively jumpin' Jazz Bar featuring our amazing Jazz Band,  or chill out sipping Champagne and listening to the foot-tappin’ tunes.

Enjoy a superb Four Course Dinner as the Jazz Musicians perform and standby for three exhilarating bursts of the Showgirl Cabaret. Head to the illicit Gambling Den and try your luck at Roulette and Blackjack, jump on the exciting Dodgem Cars or simply dance the night away!!


At least that is how they described the do in their blurb.  For my money it would be better described like this:-


1000 bewildered folk in a massive tent, being fed some very dodgy grub, entertained by some amateur dancers, short boogie, clock strikes 12, chucked out tout-suite, then waiting in the freezing cold with no taxis for miles around, and paying £45 a knob for the privilege.





The Christmas venue was decided by the usual single transferable, double value, multi-party, proportional representational voting system where members vote between one and fifteen times, often voting both for and against their own proposals and often voting during breaks in the voting.


Basically we decided it by a LONDON verses LOCAL vote and LOCAL won on each of the three times we voted.

We voted three times, because just like the EU, when the loud party don't like the result of a vote they just put it back to the electorate

until 'they get it right'.  This time the electorate just kept voting LOCAL.


The votes were then cast between The SNOWPARK, the Christmas Party at The KENT COUNTY SHOWGROUND

and a Christmas do at "STRANGEMOOR" HOTEL.

Votes were as follows:



A pretty conclusive outcome and hence our trip to the North Downs.  Everybody dressed up and we did have a pretty good time.  The funniest being Alan & Hew, identically dressed as comedy gangsters, Alan with the usual added stilettos and stockings, up on the stage giving it some wellie with their impromptu cabaret.  The bad news is I cannot for the life of me find the photos of the evening so sorry guys.