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        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS







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At the brand new Go-Ape location at Leeds Castle


The GASS crack commando unit assembled at the deadly dangerous high-wire course in the grounds of Leeds Castle dead on time for roll call, before setting out to risk life and limb together - as a team!  Well actually only 10 members of this cracked commando unit turned up, meaning another 12 failed to show.

Why so few were on parade is a wonder.  I mean it was a nice day, the venue was really local, the meeting had been advertised for months, it was August so business was quite for everyone.  Could have been anything to do with heights, zip-wires, danger?  No!  Or then again...................


These were the reasons given for our absentees, and the punishments handed down from the subsequent Courts Martial, held high in the trees above Leeds Castle:

Steve Bell & Keith Evans:  On holiday - ABSENT WITH LEAVE

Peter Farrer & Len Smith:  MEDICAL DISCHARGE on the grounds of diminished responsibility and decrepidness.

Steve Riches, Ray Guttridge & Alan Ranger:  No (or late) apology, presumed working too hard as usual - ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE

Then came a group of members who turned up and were in the area, or who turned up just too late.  Some of these men played golf just yards from where their mates were risking a ghastly drop from a great height.  It is not as though you can't play golf any day - and just how likely are you ever to go to Go-Ape with GASS again?  The Courts Martial came to a pretty quick conclusion on these guys - COWARDLY DESERTION UNDER FIRE - Sentenced to be ridiculed whenever possible. 

No names - no pack drill - but these are they!


Drawing a veil over the absentees - let us concentrate on the wonderful bravery, fearlessness and general balls shown by those who did brave the course.  They were Brian, Chris, Gary, JB, Ian, Phil R, Hew, Ron, Andy and Don.   Worthy of particular mention, and awarded the coveted GASS AWARD FOR BRAVERY were Andy and Don.  The following film, shot on location by our courageous cameraman, shows just how brave these guys were.  Andy for overcoming a very, very real fear of heights, and Don for sheer guts in doing the course.  Take a look at the VIDEO below...........

ANDY and DON win Bravery awards


Thanks also to the excellent staff at The Windmill P.H in Hollingbourne who kindly provided us with an excellent meal in their private room.  Great food and great service.

Shame that they did not think to query Andy when he ordered a quick snack before dinner in the form of 12 pieces of Garlic Bread.  They took it as 12 orders for Garlic Bread - and to them an order is 6 pieces.  Getting there now?  Yup!  72 individual large slices of Garlic Bread duly landed on our table, 72!  Frankly, we could have called it a day at that and sod dinner.  Luckily we soldiered on, because dinner was great.  Hew did his bit towards GASS finances - by ordering the Lobster.  We all had chicken nuggets.


Now enjoy these photos and videos of the rest of the day - which was an absolute blast, very good fun indeed.  The videos are worth watching!


GASS learning to SWING


GASS happy landings


And also some good old fashioned photos!









And everyone got a certificate - starting with the youngest GASS guest ever - Miles Henslow



Great day everyone!