The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

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The Command House, Chatham

Tuesday April 5th


Organiser - John Brice


GASS enjoyed our first foray into the trendy new world of adult Colouring Books

We are had our own ADULT (with a capital A) colouring book to work on.

Designed just for GASS by the artist Jacq Le Breton.


Colouring books  - by Jacq Le Breton

"January 2016 saw a new phase develop in my artistic career. With colouring books having swept the whole world off their feet
and onto the sofas with a good book and set of pens, I embarked on designing these myself".










Look at everyone, heads down, crayons out, keeping inside those lines like good little boys.

John and Jacqs judged the winners - I wrote them down - then promptly lost the list.  Sorreeee!


So - I re-judged them myself.


The first thing I noted was that every single GASS member coloured in the ladies nipples!

Everyone, not one set of uncoloured, bright red nipples in the room.

They missed her hair, her body, the background - but boy, did they get those nips!!!!


This is the page we worked with.....




And here are the top four






Another interesting meeting, challenging, exciting and definitely not dangerous for a change.

Many thanks to Jacqs for her themed picture and her judging skills.



"If it ain't dangerous, don't do it"

So true, so true.




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