The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS








Organiser - Tony

Location - The Bowling Alley - Maidstone


We booked three lanes and got down to the age old sport of ten pin bowling.

Some were obviously good at it, some were pants.

As I did not win I don't have a clue or a care about the results.

I can report that Hew was in more than normally cheerful mood and decided to bowl additional balls down the lane being occupied by Rear Admiral Dinger Bell.

The salty sea dog was actually in the lead when he spotted two balls rolling down his lane, at which point he rugby tackled Hew and made a passable attempt at braining him.

Sadly his wildly swung bowling ball failed to connect with Hew's swede, it just fired him up a bit more.

After what seemed an eternity a quorum was formed to shift the meeting down the road to the restaurant.






The very smart new floating restaurant on the Medway, alongside the Archbishops Palace.

Take a look at it here -

A superb three course dinner , wasted on us of course!

Wasted on Hew for a stone cold fact.


Hew impressed the two lovely waitresses so much that when we tried to open their French windows on the river side of the floating restaurant,

in order to throw Hew into said river, we were confounded by the fact they were locked.

The waitresses immediately produced the keys and unlocked the bloody things, so keen they were for HE to be lobbed in.

No care for elf'n'safety, no care for the fact they would accessories to murder, just an overwhelming wish to say bye-bye.

Hew was saved only by the rushed appearance of the owner - who promptly re-locked the doors - spoilsport!!!




A lovely dinner, followed by several more attempts to tear Hew's clothing and throw him in the Medway.


Unusual evening, thanks Tony