The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

        1982-2017  35 YEARS OF BEERS





The April Meeting



at OWLETTS in Cobham

courtesy of Squire Christopher Cueball Spree


Squire Spree kindly lent us the use of his Manorial Hall in which to nurdle our blangecocks and squench our fladwanglers in the company of five fine fellows of the Morris Dancing fraternity.  Squire Spree had also laid on a first class catering wench who provided great provender, and he had racked up a hogshead of the finest real ale to quench our thirst, because forsooth, thirsty work it was.


Sadly there were fewer members on parade at this event than would be normal, partly due to there being a fair few manning the Black Pig in the Caribbean, and partly - I regret to say - there being some who had forgotten that GASS is all about suspending ones critical facilities and joining in with every meeting just for laughs.  Those that did attend had a real laugh, got to meet some very nice guests in the form of the Morris Men, and can now say that they have Morris danced, and not a lot of people can say that (with a straight face).


For the record the Morris dancers insisted that we joined in from the beginning and everyone had a go.  We started with an easy one and graduated to an easier one, as we never got the hang of the easy one first time around.  It has to be said that it is not as easy as it looks - it is as daft as it looks, just not as easy.  There is also the added danger introduced when the sticks come into the mix, crushed fingers being the extra ingredient.  As they always say "a picture tells a thousand words" so here we go.....








and a great big thank you to the Wadard Morris Men for being such good sports and joining us for such a great evening.


As a final insult and in order to strip the last remaining shreds of dignity from our founder, Mr Nick 'Wheezy' Jenkins, do take a gander at these video examples of the Morris dancers art, as performed after five pints of Old Disgusting.........



(these are videos in a new easy-to-load format - allow activeX if your computer asks and you may have to click play twice to run them)

Thanks also to Chris for the use of his home and for organising such a good event and to Di and friend for putting up with us.