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AGM 2015


Following some two years of non-stop promotion by Hew Edilodoloodaloo during which he bad-mouthed Las Vegas, New York, Shanghai, St Tropez
and many other locations suggested for our annual bean feast, all in favour of that jewel in the Spanish crown - Benidorm, we finally went there.

 Here's the the hotel official website, 
Also on our site: 

Which is a result as there was a suggestion that we stayed in the Hotel Solana, where the TV series Benidorm was filmed. 
What a jolly jape that would have been!!!! 

Our organiser for 2015 was Mr Keith Evans.  So thank you to Keith for all the travel, hotel, and AGM dinner organisation.  Spot on!

19 members attended, only Chris, Ray, Stuart and Steve R had the good sense to stay in the sunny UK.
The 19 of us choose to go to Benidorm in monsoon season.


It went a bit like this.......

We arrived at our actually really nice hotel and got stuck straight in to the fully inclusive beers in the bar and then the very reasonable wine & food in the restaurant.
Then we walked to 'The Strip'.  Sadly we were the only people who walked.
Everyone else went on a mobility scooter or in a wheelchair.  To be fair the only alternative most of them had was to be rolled there.

John made four really good new friends on his way home and gave them all his money, that John, generous to a fault.  He also learnt that his phone is not even worth nicking.
Sunday was a bit of the same, Tapas Alley for lunch, Strip Alley for the evening.  Ready for Monday!


Yup! Actual Bull Running.  Nobody had an idea what it would be like and everyone was a tad nervous of the bulls.
Mainly because we had the extra risks caused by the fact it was raining cats & dogs - would they all mix.
Sadly, the answer is no.  Torrential rain makes a bull ring more like an ice rink, apart from the fact it was raining so hard you couldn't even see a bull if it kissed you.

We were sad, we had all made such an effort for those bulls, just look at us!


So we enjoyed lunch.  Sadly no, Lunch was a plate of stale Quavers and some dodgy plates of mixed bullshit.
So we got hammered on beers and sangria,  Sadly no, we were all so hung over we drank precious little.
Depression set in, even in our funny bullfighting hats, suddenly an idea was floated, and I do mean floated - "GROUP PHOTO".

Graham to the fore!!!!!

As you see, we were dressed to run over bulls, no wonder they were too scared to come out.
NEXT - We got on the bus.  Depressed, beaten by the rain, but unbowed.
At this point we think it finally dawned on the bullring owners that no bulls for us - no cash for him.

So he brought the little darlings out and the next few shots show you how much fun the bulls had with us.
They are not toys!  They enjoy beating up English tourists.  Those are not joke horns (ours are by the way).


As is traditional in bull fighting - we started with the Matadors - Brian and Gary were there to sexually arouse the bulls.  They failed.




Then the bullshit stopped...................




And to give you an idea of scale this was how big the ring was, no place to hide!  Well except behind the wooden bits I guess.

On with the scary photos.....  Mainly of Senor Smith...... Bullfighter extraordinaire.... 


Oh, and we can't miss Senor 'Two Cape' Bell.....  Or Senor Westlake, who started us off with his actual running....


Oh, and Senor Ralph,  he only fights fat bastards......  Ron thinks about it......  Hugh causes the bulls to think about it.....


No bulls were injured in the event, nor were any GASS members, sadly.



From Bullfighting we jumped straight to Gay Baiting  -  This was the theme for 2105

and Flamenco was our theme dance!

Quality dancing!

Do we never stop taking cheesy group photos of weird Flamenco dancers?

Apparently not......

The winners, Pete came first and won the Breitling Watch as a prize, Owen second, Ian third (or the other way round).

We also enjoyed a couple of lovely lunches.....


And for once we paid for Steve on his birthday (back to normal next year please Steve, paying for you right throws our budgets out!)





The usual suspects, work too hard, no time for their mates, 'er indoors won't let me out to play.  Riches, Spree, Guttridge, Gilbert.


We started the year with 6,740, we aimed to spent the surplus to get us back down to 5,000, we ended the year with 5,636.  Bloody good show!
During the year we had a financial wobble with some members entering into a spending competition with fine wines, brandy and cigars going on the bill. 
That was knocked on the head and we all agreed to act as though we were out with our mates, not out to see who could nick the most out of the fund.
We agreed that as big boys we could all have exactly what we wanted when we want it - as long as we paid for it ourselves and did not try and sneak it on the GASS bill.
We also agreed to leave the fees at 40 and when the going got tough (as in expensive) the tough would put in 20.  That was fair and it took the pressure off fees.
A genuine vote of thanks was given to Ron for his sterling work with a quill pen.  Many thanks Ron.


Another fine year.  Great meetings and great company.  Here is to another year, 34 years next year!


Total chaos.  Not a decision in sight, apart from members poo-pooing every single idea that came up. 
Lots of Jeremy Corbyn style flammery about how we could maybe fly to the moon for dinner, ride camels up Everest, dine off oysters on a yacht. 
Very little about the how, when, where, what time, sort of boring detail that gets these f'ing meetings off the ground - but no matter.
I am sure somehow, somewhere a programme will materialise and we will have a great time.

You could try looking here and there may even be a programme for you to consider - click here - meetings 2015/16

We did have a couple of great ideas come up, both from John Brice and Nick Jenkins, and they will appear in the programme.
Brian is 65 on the first Tuesday in December and that may appear too in some shape of form.


The prize of a very nice Gucci Bag for the best pants of the night went to Nick Jenkins.
The Nick Jenkins Breitling Award for the best Flamenco Dancer went to Peter Farrer.
The Mannequin Pisses Award 2015 also went to Peter Farrer.
The Peter Farrer Award for the best Peter Farrer impersonation went to Peter Farrer.
The Poorest Millionaire in Town Award went to Hu Edilooodalloooo for permanently being skint.



Another great year - no issues, no problems, great company, great entertainment every day.

See you next year!


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